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What Causes Cancer? Essay, Research Paper

Cancer is the figure one slayer in America today.We can state the known causes of malignant neoplastic disease are radiation, sunshine, pollution, coffin nail smokingand improper diets.I will explicate the major causes of malignant neoplastic disease, but before I proceed allow me specify the term & # 8220 ; cancer. & # 8221 ; To be defined malignant neoplastic disease is an unnatural, uncontrolled growing of cells that can distribute beyond their natural boundaries to other parts of the body.Cancers can develop in legion parts of the organic structure.

The importance of radiation as a cause of malignant neoplastic disease has been recognized for many years.Exposure to toxic degrees of radiation produces familial harm, and since the cistrons control cell behavior this can take either to malignant neoplastic disease or cell decease, depending upon the dose.the most common type of malignant neoplastic disease which is caused by radiation is known as leukemia.Another type of malignant neoplastic disease caused by raidiation is, malignant neoplastic disease of the white blood cells.

Excessively much sunshine can besides do cancer.Sunlight is combined of both seeable and unseeable radiation. The unseeable radiation known as ultraviolet visible radiation may do tegument malignant neoplastic disease, but merely if the exposure is prolonged and intense.I would state that the smartest thing to make if exposed to sunshine is use some type of protection on your skin.Vitamin Tocopherol may offer som

e protection.

It is obvious that coffin nail smoke is the individual most powerful cause of lung cancer.The addition in hazard has been observed non merely in work forces, but more late in adult females, for smoke has come engage in activities once considered the sphere of work forces.

Depending upon the figure of coffin nails smoked, and the figure og cigarrettes smoked each twenty-four hours can increasethe hazard of lung cancer.It is clear that there is a definite and direct dose-response relationship between the smoke dosage and the development of cancer.I believe that if person smokes even a battalion of cigarrettes a twenty-four hours it will increase the hazard of acquiring malignant neoplastic disease.

Eating the right nutrients in your mundane lifeis really of import. The national Academy of Sciences, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Cancer Society have now recognized the importance of diets as a major cause of malignant neoplastic disease in the United States.

Until this twenty-four hours we can state the causes of malignant neoplastic disease are many and decidedly complex, while the development of most malignant neoplastic diseases still remain unexplained.Can you tell me if there will of all time be a remedy for malignant neoplastic disease?


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