Nowadays environmental jobs have become one of the most pressing jobs of modern society.

We are populating in the century of the technological advancement. people go directly in development. all they think about is doing their life more convenient for themselves.

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That is why they have forgotten one of the most valuable things– the environment. I live in the capital of Russia. in Moscow. Now it is one of the largest metropoliss in the universe with the population more than 14’000’000 of people. It is obvious.

that in Moscow there are a batch of environmental jobs as air pollution. radioactive pollution. toxic pollution etc It is undeniable that the chief job of Moscow is the pollution of air. The figure of cars in Moscow is turning from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. and ecologists predict that in some old ages it will immerse in fume.In my position. such state of affairs is really unsafe for dwellers because air pollution can harm lung development in kids. can assist do early childhood asthma.

and can bring forth a scope of respiratory symptoms in kids and grownups. I think the chief solution to the posed job is to increase the popularity of public conveyance. It is true that recycling of waste is another of import job in my local country.

Who enjoy populating in shit?This job late began to acquire immense values because the development of his industry is accompanied by growing of industrial wastes. and it is non possible to dump all waste merchandises in one large pile. that is why this job has to be solved someway. In my sentiment. of class metropolis authorities should construct new particular mills.

but the citizens should besides retrieve that it is black to litter in their hometown. In drumhead it is necessary to state. that in Moscow there are many jobs and they need to be desperately addressed. Unless there is important alteration shortly. the quality of air will go on to decline.