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Have you ever thought, “I’m never going to get cancer? ” Well, I’m pretty sure that’s how all of us in the world think because none of us want to be put in that position since it’s a scary yet a dangerous thing to deal with. In my book, ‘What Girls learn,’ by Karin Cook, it never occurred to Frances that she would be endangered by breast cancer. In this book, two young girls find themselves growing up fast when love and tragedy visit their mother in this made-for-cable drama based on the novel by Karin Cook. Elizabeth and Tilden are sisters growing up in Atlanta, GA, with their single mother.

Elizabeth and Tilden’s lives are turned upside down when Mama announces that’s she’s getting married to Nick, a man from New York whom they’ve never met. Nick turns out to be a good and understanding man, but while Elizabeth easily accepts him into the family, Tilden makes no secret of her distrust of her new stepfather. However, Tilden’s feelings about Nick take a back seat in the family’s list of priorities when Mama discovers she has cancer, and as Elizabeth, and Tilden try to deal with this crisis, they are forced to deal with the intrusive presence of their uncle Rand.

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Frances and Nick decide to get married so Nick can become the legal guardian of the two youngsters. Nick, Elizabeth, Tilden, Frances’s brother, Rand, and a friend, Lainey, cares for Frances at home through her terminal illness. Frances, Tilden, and Elizabeth, all, lived in numerous places within their lifetime. Their very first place they lived, that Tilden could remember was in Atlanta, Georgia. In Georgia they lived in a makeshift basement studio. Now this is only one of the numerous places they reside in.

Another spot they stayed at for a while was in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. They stayed in a mansion, which really was a garage apartment at the edge of the estate in Lawrenceville. To the three of the ladies they always seemed to be bunched up alongside other people’s expanses, close enough to dream. Then their lifesaver comes along and saves the three women to bring them to this beautiful two story house in this amazing estate out in the suburbs of Long Beach, New York. Nick’s house was by far the most amazing places they have ever stayed at!

The two girls had thought it was just a dream or a fib their mother was playing on them but after she told them to pack their important belongings not any of the foolish toys and necessities. The two girls each had their own box to fill up with all their important necessities they need. They couldn’t take all their belongings because all of Elizabeth’s and Tilden’s junk would not fit in Nick’s car. There are three main characters in this book, Tilden, Elizabeth, and of course the mother, Frances.

Tilden is the oldest out of her and her baby sister Elizabeth. Tilden’s personality traits include: caring, she definitely has a problem trust new people she doesn’t know, too, well. She is protective over her baby sister. She has the mentally, nobody can mess with Elizabeth but herself. Tilden was named after her mother’s favorite street. She also loves to read books. Her mother had bought her a book shelf, which she had three fourths of the book case filled with every type of books you could ever thing of.

She had chapter books, little tiny books, giant books. Tilden even had magazines in her collections of books. She was always reading in her spare time, but unfortunately she had to leave her book shelf at her old house when she moved to Long Beach. Frances had promised her she would buy her a new book shelf with new books once they got to their new home with Nick. Frances said she would even get her more books than she had right now. Elizabeth is the opposite of Tilden. She’s obviously younger than Tilden, but only by one year.

She just turned 11 years old, and Tilden is 12 years old. Elizabeth is always worrying about whether or not if she’s going to fit in at her new school or the other children in her neighborhood. She has a flare for designing outfits. She had a desk for her little designing pad at her old house before she had to pack up and move to New York with her mom and new step dad. She was always at the wooden desk with her little sketch pad open and all her color pencils laid across the top of platform just doodling away, lost in her own tiny, yet amazing to her, world.

Every spare second she had she was sitting there thinking of a new design for her inventions. For her birthday her mother had saved enough money to buy Elizabeth her own sewing machine so she could fulfill her fantasy of designing her own unique outfits. I would have to say the climax of my book that was written by Karin Cook, would have to be when the mother, Frances discovers she has a lump on her breast. One day when she was getting ready to shower, she was undressing herself and realized she had a serious case of breast cancer.

She went to the doctors and they confirmed it was cancer. Everyone at the house, Elizabeth, Tilden, Nick, and Frances was shocked she had this dangerous sickness. Nobody knew how she was diagnosed with this deadly disease. But like every other human being who had cancer, Frances was going through some terminal stuff to try and find a cure for her sickness. My conclusion for the theme would have to be doesn’t matter what kind of situation happen to be in just try to make the best of it and look at the bright side. Don‘t always be so negative.

Just like all of Frances family and friends did. They knew the chances of Frances surviving this tragic event would be extremely slim, but of course they still helped her by taking care of her at their house through her terminal illness. They didn’t just up and leave her hanging so she could get worse. If they didn’t help poor Frances she could have got to the point where nothing could have saved her. Not even medical help. Nick and Frances was even looking in the future by marrying each other so that when she does leave, Nick would be the legal guardian of Elizabeth and Tilden.

They wanted them to stay together; instead of having the two go to a foster home and taking the chance of the two sisters being split up. One example of foreshadowing would be, the day Nick came to pick up the three girls mama told Liz and Tilden, everything would be fine at the new town they were moving to. But everything was fine, because if everything was fine mama wouldn’t have got breast cancer. One example of irony would have to be after Frances went to the doctors and everything; the doctors said it looked like she was making progress on getting healthier.

So then everyone was saying she was getting better and then boom!! She’s back to point A again. Extremely sick again but this time there is no hope in trying to save her. I believe this is irony because they were expecting the best of the situation but the situation actually turned out to be a disaster. My opinion of the book, I liked the book because it could happen in real life. Actually it has happened in my family. So I like it because it helps us all realized that tomorrow isn’t promised to us.

So every morning we wake up, we should pray to God and thank the lord for giving us another day of life to experience with all of our friends and family. And we should all be thankful that the Creator is allowing us to discover the face of the earth worry free. I honestly don’t have a reason why I chose this book. I was just in the library looking for a book and seen this bright yellow book on top of the book case and grabbed. But I’m extremely glad I chose it because it’s a book of joy. I enjoyed reading it. Last of all, my book name was ‘What Girls Learn,’ by Karin Cook and I believe it was a fiction book.