Last updated: May 24, 2019
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I like my school really much because I have spent the best old ages of my short life at that place. But in malice of itI dislike the whole system of instruction

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You see, it is about impossible to come in a University without assisting of the coachs because the cognition we get at school is non plenty for it.

What concerns my schoolthe students are non free in their pick of the topics
. And they are forced to analyze the topics they are non interested in and it takes them excessively much clip to larn the topics unneeded for their future life. They could pass this clip working on the topics which will be needed for their future profession.

At school a lesson stopping points45 proceedingss
. In my sentiment this clipis non adequate
to understand and consolidate a new subject
. But we would wish to hold more clip to acquire concentrated on one capable if we had dual lessons like in Institutions of Higher Learning.

Besides, every twenty-four hours we have two interruptions of 10 proceedingss and two interruptions of 15 proceedingss at school. But 15 proceedingss is non plenty to hold a tiffin for the students. They are ever in a haste eating their tiffin. It causes diseases connected with tummy. And you know that some categories have their lessons in the afternoon. I think it is excessively late to come back place at 8 p.m. and students are excessively tired to make their prep. I my sentiment all the students of my school should travel to school in the forenoon, have some lessons ( 4 or 5 ) so have a long interruption of an hr and a half for dinner at school or at place. After dinner all the students of my school should be at school once more holding their optional classs, extra lesson

s, nines in different topics and nines harmonizing to their involvements: athleticss, computing machine, tourer nines and so on and so away. Our instructors should be at school excessively. If some students don’t understand something in their topics they will hold an chance to inquire their instructors for aid. I want to add that the students could hold a short remainder in a music room, in the library reading popular magazines. And at 5 p.m. all of the students go place. I know that such system is popular in English schools and it seems to me it is more convenient for us, students.

It should be reference that our lessons start at 8 O & # 8217 ; clock. Butthe students have
to come to school ten proceedingss to 8 to make forenoon exercisings
. I think there is non necessary to make them because on the one manus some students do such exercisings at place every forenoon and on the other manus it is non comfy to make exercisings in our school apparels.

I thinkexcessively many students study in every category
. Most of them sit far from the chalkboard. And sometimes they can & # 8217 ; t see what is written on it. It causes diseases connected with seeing. Besides, our instructors can & # 8217 ; t pay attending to everybody at their lessons. It would be better to hold from 10 to 15 students in the each category.

But the chief thing is that our best students analyze hard the whole twelvemonth unit of ammunition and they must be awarded with scholarships every month. Besides, they should be given grants after go forthing school. This money could be spent on their farther perusal at the Institutions of Higher Learning. Then they could make their best to complete school good.

In malice of all these troubles I like my school and I will ever look back at my school old ages as the happiest in my life.