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, Research PaperThere are many things in life I would wish to carry through. Most of all though, I aspire to be the universe & # 8217 ; s fattest adult male. This will let me to finish my programs of universe domination. To obtain this end, I plan to get down a rigorous diet of Denny & # 8217 ; s smothered cheese french friess ( French fires covered with cheese and bacon ) and gravy after I complete high school. Equally shortly as this diet becomes inefficient for my demands ( when I can no longer suit in a booth or through the door ) , I plan to engage a squad of illegal immigrants to care for me at my place. The squad will do certain my consumption of fat and Calories is at the maximal sum before bosom failure takes topographic point. They will besides bathe me with high force per unit area hosieries and turn me on occasion to forestall bed sores.

I hope to make the weight of one 1000, five hundred lbs. Becoming the universe & # 8217 ; s fattest adult male is one of the few things I hope to carry through in life.If I can go the universe & # 8217 ; s fattest adult male, I will hold reached the first measure in my programs of universe domination. My 2nd end to carry through in life would be to lose my weight.

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If I could lose over one thousand lbs, I could easy go male monarch of the weight loss industry. I hope to be the next Richard Simmons, but more popular. This would do me, possibly, a multi-millionaire from book gross revenues and promotional visual aspects. After I gain my celebrity, luck, and old weight of 145 lbs, my 2nd end in life will be complete.My 3rd and concluding measure for universe domination would be to go dictator of the United States. I would utilize my popularity and wealth to my advantage, and run for president of the United States.

After going president in a move stolen from Napoleon Bonaparte, I would keep a plebiscite in which hopefully the people of the United States would elect me dictator. After being elective dictator of the United States, I would govern the state rightly in the signifier of a Utopian, isocratic, socialism for many old ages. All though my state would look harmless, I would hold in secret organized the universe & # 8217 ; s largest armed forces. With my big military power, I will be after a worldwide work stoppage on, the most awful twenty-four hours of all, Flag Day. The universe would be awfully shocked at the ferociousness of the besieging.

I plan to turn the full state of Canada into a big extension of the Arctic Ocean. By June 28th, 2055 the universe shall be mine. These are the things I would wish to most carry through in life.