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What Is A Good Man? Essay, Research Paper

What is a good adult male?

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What is good? Are you good? Harmonizing to the Encarta lexicon, being good is Having or demoing and unsloped virtuous character. But what is unsloped and virtuous? Bing a good adult male can non be put into a definition. There can ne’er be a manner to set what a good adult male is into words and have that be the jurisprudence. The Sumerians have a different manner of believing what a good adult male is than the Egyptians. And both the Sumerians and the Egyptians have a different position of good than western civilization today.

The Sumerians consider a good adult male as person who honors those who are in a high societal standing. The dwellers would pay homage the God that ruled the metropolis that they lived in. They would besides honour the authorities by staying the Torahs that they put down. They besides believed that being good consisted of being a good combatant. They would besides pay court to anyone who was considered a great combatant. Another thing that the Sumerians considered good was the ability to accept people for who they were. This is shown in the narrative of Gilgamesh by the manner that Gilgamesh accepted that there was another individual that was every bit strong as he was when he fought Enkidu.

The Egyptians considered a good adult male to be person who has non committed slaying. In A Manual for the Dead, non perpetrating slaying is mentioned in a twosome of different ways. The first manner is that a good adult male has non committed slaying and the other manner is that a good

adult male has non commanded to slay. Another thing that the Egyptians considered to do a adult male good is the fact that they ne’er altered or stopped the H2O in the Nile. This is peculiarly of import the Egyptians since the Nile was the chief beginning for their H2O. Another thing that the Egyptian considered good was non bring downing hurting on others. This is said in many different ways. One manner that it was stated in A manual for the Dead was, I have non done evil things I have non inflicted hurting I have non caused anyone to endure This seems to be of import to them.

The western civilization considers many things to be good traits in a adult male, but all of them are circumstantial. Percept is besides a big factor. For one individual, non perpetrating homicide would do that individual a good adult male. For another individual, non believing a bad idea would do him a good adult male. What being good is based basically on the Catholic Bible. One thing that makes a individual good in western civilization is non traveling to imprison. If you go to imprison, you were either caught making something illegal or were wrongly convicted. Another thing that makes a adult male good is that he does non perpetrate a felony.

A good adult male is some 1 who has an unsloped and virtuous character. For person in Sumer being good could intend accepting person for who they are. An Egyptian good adult male could be person who does non change the Nile. Bing a good adult male in western civilization could be person who doesn T commit a felony. So, are you good? Is anyone really good?