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What Is Critical Thinking? Essay, Research Paper

Critical thought is taking the information that you receive from the media or any beginning of information, and analysing it to find its value. By finding it & # 8217 ; s value, I mean distinguishing between utile, cogent, information that will assist you construct your cognition constructions, and information that could be unsound, and doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have sufficient grounds or support to be telling. Information is the cardinal component in developing cognition constructions. Information can assist an single, but merely if he is able to distinguish between utile information, and useless information. Critical thought embodies media literacy, cogent logical thinking, and development of cognition constructions. A critical mind takes an active function in treating the information that he receives to find its value, while person who isn & # 8217 ; t a critical mind passively receives information without oppugning its value.

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What is valuable information? Valuable information is information that can assist you. Since information that is false or non true will non assist you, it is of import to hold the accomplishments necessary to judge what is true and factual and what is false and unsound. The media feeds us a monolithic measure of information every twenty-four hours. A critical mind is able to filtrate out the & # 8216 ; noise & # 8217 ; or useless information, and record of import facts which will turn out utile or helpful.

The media gives people information that

is most frequently manipulative and frequently unsound. What is the intent of giving false information? Normally to sell you something, or do money off of you. How one receives this information, and what power it has over person depends on how media literate he or she is, and his or her critical thought ability. What is media literacy? Media literacy is an facet that will greatly better your critical thought ability. It is the ability to comprehend what information you are being presented with, the ability to construe that information, and the ability to see an issue from multiple positions. The more media literate you are the more you will understand how the media is seeking to act upon you with its information.

The influence the media has on you is based on how much you know. The more you know, the more you will be able to do an educated determination. This is why people should care about critical thought. Knowing how the media is seeking to act upon you give you power. It gives you the power to utilize the media efficaciously. Using the media efficaciously means happening utile information and utilizing it to your advantage.

That is the nucleus of critical thought. Analyzing information and so utilizing the utile information to your advantage so that you can do determinations that are based on cogent and non unsound concluding. The more you become a critical believing the more you use the media to your advantage instead than them utilizing you to their advantage.