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What Is Existentialism? Essay, Research Paper

From what I understand reading Jean-Paul Sartre & # 8217 ; s work the Existentialism is doctrine that places accent on single being, subjectivism, and freedom of doing pick.

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Harmonizing to Sartre, Existentialism is doctrine that states that & # 8220 ; if God does non be, there is at least one being in whom being precedes essence. & # 8221 ; It seems that Sartre & # 8217 ; s theory remainders on this thesis that & # 8216 ; being precedes essence & # 8217 ; and therefore it should be footing for any farther treatment or apprehension of this doctrine. To turn out this Sartre uses illustration of adult male or human being, he says that adult male foremost be, where he is nil, and so afterwards he defines himself, where he himself will hold made what he will be. So if I understand this correctly this means that you need to hold being in order to hold kernel, so there is no preset & # 8216 ; true & # 8217 ; thing, it has to already be in order to go what it is. Therefore adult male is to the full in charge of making himself as a individual, and making his ain hereafter.

Subjectivity is besides of import to Existentialism, and by subjectiveness Sartre means that while taking his ain ego, adult male besides chooses all adult male. And he states this thought in this commendation & # 8220 ; to take to be this or that is to confirm at the same clip the value of what we choose,

because we can ne’er take evil. We ever choose the good, and nil can be good for us without being good for all.” I’m non certain if I can hold with this, because cognizing myself, sometimes I consciously make determinations that I know are non good for everyone. But what I think Sartre is seeking to state is that those passionate picks and actions that every person makes, are act uponing picks and actions of others.

Third and last thing that makes up my definition of the Existentialism is freedom of pick. & # 8220 ; The male child was faced with the pick of go forthing for England fall ining the Free French forces-that is, go forthing his female parent behind-or staying with his female parent and assisting her to transport on. He was to the full cognizant that the adult female lived merely for him and that his traveling off-and possibly his death-would dip her into desperation, whereas every attempt he made toward traveling off and contending was an unsure move which might run aground and turn out wholly useless. & # 8221 ; And so he asks, & # 8220 ; Who could assist him take? & # 8221 ; Here Sartre uses instance of one of his pupils, as illustration to demo us that every adult male is free to do picks of his ain. But choices he makes do him responsible for things that will go on as consequence of those picks. So taking one is pick non to take other. Therefore pick is ineluctable, non doing picks is taking to non take