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Leadership is defined as the position of a leader, the ability to lead. I assure you it is much more then that. Being a leader is not easy, I have learned from personal experience. Being a captain of a football team is hard work. It takes guts to stand up and be a leader. Leadership is respect. Respect by others. You can’t force people to respect you; you’ve got to earn it. A good leader earns respect from his, or her, peers. They know he is their leader and when he tells them to do something, they do it, and they respect his position.

A captain deserves respect from his teammates. The respect your team has for you helps drive your team to do their utmost. They see the “C” next to his name and know to look up to him and respect him. Leadership is responsibility. Taking responsibility for your actions and the actions of the people around you, being able to take the hit for what your peer has done. When a situation needs to be improved, a leader makes the choice to take responsibility. They take responsibility for the goals they seek with their peers.

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A captain takes responsibility for what his teammates have done. He takes responsibility for losing a game. The result of a game is the reflection of his leadership ability to the team. Leadership is example. Being able to not only use your voice, but use your actions. Having those behind you follow you as you lead by example. This is the ability to translate intention into reality. A captain should lead not by telling his teammates how to do something, but showing them how to.

He should lead on the field, make huge plays and his teammates will look up to him and know that he is their captain, and they want to do what he does. If a football player sees his captain playing horrible, and having horrible body language, they will lose confidence in themselves. Leadership is having a voice. A leader has a voice over all others. When he speaks, you know his voice, and you hear it. A leader should be able to have a loud, piercing, voice that shakes the earth. When he yells, he strikes fear into his comrades. Along with leading by example, a captain should be able to speak up.

When a teammate is harming the team he should speak up and let them know to stop what they are doing or to leave. A leader shouldn’t be quite and expect people to listen and follow them, he needs to speak up and take action. Finally, Leadership is work. A leader works harder than anyone else and they know they need to do so. A captain knows that he has to push himself to work above everyone else. He should run faster, hit harder, and block better than anyone else on the team. If a captain works harder than anyone else, then everything comes together.

He earns respect; he takes responsibility, and leads by example. Believe me, being a leader is not an easy job. If you can accomplish all these things then you can be a true leader. From my own experience, being a captain is not easy. Even I struggle with these qualities. The pressure of being a leader of is overwhelming, and takes hard work to accomplish. “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile,” by Vince Lombardi.