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The Anzac myth defined the qualities claimed to stand for the Australian soldiers. It is about the Australian soldiers keeping bravery and mateship through hopeless conditions which pulled all of the military personnels together through the annihilating loss of the Gallipoli Campaign.The Anzac myth created an emerging image of the Australian individuality. before Gallipoli a national individuality had been missing. merely like the soldiers who were fresh and unseasoned.

After Gallipoli the state had an image in which others could place it to. thanks to the conflict weary Australian military personnels who showed trueness. courage and bravery throughout the conflict.The Anzac Myth was mentioned on a regular basis between Charles Bean and Ashmead Bartlett. the two chief historiographers during the run.

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They often reported of the bravery displayed by the Australian military personnels contending in the forepart lines. Headlines such as “Australian Heroes” created intense pride in the Australians. and helped distribute the myth back place into the heads of the Australians. The military personnels were seen as tantrum. healthy. responsibility edge and brave which formed a united Australian individuality.

However the congratulations on the military personnels was non merely from their ain state.The contending liquors. trueness. courage and honestness were all praised by the British. Canadian and Gallic military personnels who enjoyed contending by their side.

The Anzac military personnels besides had their ain manner. they had their ain slang and they were good known for their discourtesy to higher ranking officers because they respected people for their personality and non for their rank. This created an individuality of equalitarianism to the Australians.The Anzac Myth portrays a sense bravery in the face of hardship and selflessness for the benefit of a greater good. The Anzac myth defined the ideals of mateship. bravery.

trueness and friendly relationship which continue to stand for Australia today.