What Is The Ozone Hype Anyway? Essay, Research PaperWhat Is the Ozone Hype Anyway?& # 8220 ; The ozone is a pale blue signifier of O gas with an olfactory property like Cl, formed by an electrical discharge in the air & # 8221 ; ( Webster 185 ) .The first clip that I thought about this research narration was the first clip that I read the course of study for category. My immediate reaction was that I could non believe that we were really traveling to compose a ten-page narrative. I was ne’er expected to compose a paper of this length before and I was diffident if I were traveling to be able to make so. However, it turned out that it was non that bad, although I did travel through many defeats along the manner.First, I had to come up with a subject. I think that this was the hardest portion. In our category, we used one of our text editions to assist with this portion of the procedure for our documents.

In exercising 1.1, Ballenger suggests that you make a list under a figure of different subjects ( 23 ) . Therefore, I made a list of at least 20 things under each subject that I thought might be a possible subject for my paper. My list ranged from pets all the manner to relationships and back to wellness jobs. However, after speaking to my professor and my friends, and taking Ballenger & # 8217 ; s advice on how to extinguish subjects, I decided to travel with the ozone bed ( 25 ) . I had a few different grounds for doing this pick. One of them was that this was something that I did non cognize really much about.

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In add-on, the subject was something that I did desire to cognize more about. Consequently, due to the fact that I did non cognize much, I would non make my research with a prejudice and more significantly, I would make the research good because I wanted to cognize more.Following, I had to come up with a inquiry that I wanted to cognize the reply to. Again, Ballenger came with aid. In exercising 2.1, Ballenger suggests that you make a list of inquiries and so hold equals add inquiries besides. During this procedure, I went through so many inquiries.

Why was the ozone bed consuming? What could we make to assist? How long has this been traveling on? What was the start to the depletion? I could hold mad a list forever but I had to come up with that one chief inquiry that was the most of import. I thought that inquiring why it was go oning and what caused it was the most of import. By replying this inquiry, I would besides be able to reply what we can make to assist. I could reply this by cognizing what causes the depletion and so in bend, cognize what non to make. Now, I could get down to make my research.First, I had to travel to the library and utilize these & # 8220 ; large ruddy books & # 8221 ; that are behind the mention desk.

At first, I thought that this was stupid. I wanted to cognize why I had to happen other subjects to research that had to make with my research subject. Small to my cognition at that clip, the other subjects came in ready to hand during my research. At the clip, I did non cognize that we would hold to utilize a subject that was merely related to our subject. I am now grateful that I had done this measure of the procedure ; this is where I found the subject that I would utilize subsequently in the research procedure.I went to the library to make the first annotated bibliography and I felt so overwhelmed at what I had to make. I started to look up the ozone bed on the computing machine utilizing many different databases to happen articles that met the demands listed in our package.

In add-on, I looked up the ozone bed and its depletion in the on-line card catalog for books that are available here at IUP. For both the databases and the card catalog, I went through 100s of cardinal words. I looked up the ozone bed, depletion of the ozone bed, environment and ozone, CFC & # 8217 ; s, and many more. I felt as if this measure felt as if it was ne’er traveling to stop. I had to look through an eternal sum of articles and books to see if they offered me any good information.

Fortunately, there is an huge sum of information on the ozone bed and I found good facts and statistics that would take me in the right way for replying my inquiry. I did all of this work at the library with two of my schoolmates who were besides making the same thing. It made the full procedure easier making this first annotated bibliography with two friends. It was at this clip that I found out how of import that the ozone bed is. Miller and Miller say that the ozone that is in our ambiance is critical to the care of life on Earth ( 55 ) . This made me desire to cognize even more about the ozone bed.

If the ozone bed is critical to life, my life, so I wanted to cognize precisely what was traveling on. It was besides during this clip that I found an reply to one on my inquiries. I wanted to cognize how the ozone depletion starts and I found that it get down by CFC & # 8217 ; s leaking into the ozone bed ( EPA ) . Some of the CFC & # 8217 ; s that contribute to ozone depletion semen from the fumes gas of vehicles ( Lemonick 63 ) . It was here that I wanted to get down to research a different subject. I can non state that I was amazed that auto fumes depleted the ozone, but I can state that I am amazed that with the engineering that we have, we still have cars that emit these chemicals. I thought that I could research new cars that do non give off these bad chemicals, but I changed my head and decided to remain with my original subject.

After making the first annotated bibliography, things with the paper began to flux much more easy. I had more and more inquiries rush into my head as I read the articles and books that I had chosen to utilize. I now thought that another really of import inquiry was what happens to us, the people, by the depletion of the ozone bed.

By the clip, that the interview came about was the clip that I was the most defeated. I wanted to interview my Physical Science instructor and my male parent & # 8217 ; s foreman, Bill Neely. In do clip, Neely was able to give me some good facts that he knew about the depletion, but unluckily my scientific discipline instructor had a decease in his immediate household which caused some excess emphasis. He was unable to acquire back to me on the inquiries that I had asked by the clip that I needed. This was the most nerve-racking portion of the paper. I did non cognize what to make about the full interview. I truly wanted to cognize what my scientific discipline instructor had to offer me but I was unable to acquire that information. Mr.

Neely is the foreman at Economy Heating and Cooling, which is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. In this concern, the workers are required to cover with a chemical that depletes the ozone. This chemical is Freon. Schneider says that this is the most common CFC that there is and that it can eat up many 1000s of times its ain weight on ozone ( 221 ) . HVAC technicians have to roll up this chemical really carefully into a container so that none of it escapes in to the environment. This chemical is used in air conditioners and infrigidation units.

There was a jurisprudence passed that concluded that if a HVAC technician was seen allowing this chemical out into the ambiance, they could be capable to a 10 thousand dollar mulct and besides lose their occupation making warming and chilling everlastingly. My male parent has ever been really careful when covering with this substance. The workers at my male parents occupation have to travel to seminars to larn about how to properly trade wit the disposal of this chemical which gets into the stratospheric ambiance and destruct the ozone that is critical to our life on Earth.Before I knew it, it was clip for me to get down the 2nd annotated bibliography. For this one, I was non as overwhelmed about the bibliography but I was about the full paper. The hebdomad that this was due, I felt like I had so much to make in every category that I have.

I knew that I did non hold every bit much clip to make this annotated bibliography as I had to make the first. I went to the library with a friend from category straight after another one of my categories. This clip, the lone work that I did at the library was acquiring the two books that I needed. I went to the on-line card catalog and found where the two books were that I was traveling to utilize for this 2nd annotated bibliography. Again, I searched for books with the keyword ozone. The library does offer a important sum of books to take from so I truly did non hold any problem with this. I took the two new books place with me and I read them in my room where I find it much more comfy, at least compared to the library. Reading the Miller and Miller book, I found that they said that the ozone absorbs a big per centum of the UV rays that are emitted by the Sun.

They go on to state that these beams can be harmful to worlds, animate beings, and workss ( 55 ) . If there is scientific cogent evidence that we need the ozone bed to protect us, so why do wecontinue to make things to destruct it? I took a interruption from my research until later that dark ; I looked on Ebsco host for the remainder of my beginnings. I was really glad that I was able to entree this from the comfort of my ain place. I work much better when there is music in the background and I can loosen up at my ain desk. This clip I used a few different keywords.

I searched for ozone and depletion once more as I did last clip but this clip I besides used CFC’s and wellness jeopardies. I did happen that this narrowed my hunt down and pointed me toward information that could reply a few more of my inquiries. I was grateful for this. I was able to type up my 2nd annotated bibliography and so I was able to seek to rethink my inquiry. At this point in my research paper, as I remember back, I thought that I merely wanted to research what the ozone depletion has to cover with our wellness but so I figured that I would already be replying this inquiry with the inquiry that I was inquiring before.

I decided to remain with the same inquiry.It was around this point in my research that I became badly. It was really difficult for me to remain focused on the paper. I was doing trips back to my hometown for physician & # 8217 ; s assignments and medicine.

I felt as if I were ne’er traveling to complete this paper without some kind of miracle. I knew that I had to merely maintain my fingers typing on my computing machine and acquire this paper done. I ended up holding to acquire an extension on the due day of the month of the paper, which I was really grateful for.Between the hurting in my ear and the defeat that I had, I was away to the library for the 3rd portion of the annotated bibliography. This was the easiest portion. I think that this was due to the fact that we were merely required to hold five resources.

This would cut down the sum of clip that I had to pass on this measure of the research and I could work more on composing what I had found so far. Another thing that made a immense difference was the fact that we were to research the bigger image of our subject. For this, I decided to utilize the keywords environment and atmosphere. I decided this because the ozone is located in the ambiance and the full environment is effected by the ozone depletion. This is the beginning that you can see at a glimpse is tangentially related to my research topic. It was during this 3rd annotated bibliography that I besides found out that the depletion of the ozone bed could do serious harvest harm in countries where the bed is this ( Fahey and Ravishankara 209 ) . This, nevertheless, was a turning point for me in my research. After I was reading articles that had to cover with other causes of environmental pollution, I thought that I should broaden my research and add things to my paper.

I thought that I could merely utilize the ozone depletion as merely one of my subjects that would add up to the entire devastation of the environment. Then I had the thought that I could merely make all of the factors that lead up to the devastation of the environment that merely cover with factors that are caused by us, the people that live on the planet that we abuse. In contrast, when I talked this over with my friends from the category, the said that I had already come this far and that I should merely lodge with one subject for my paper. The more that I thought about it, they were right. If I were to wholly alter my research this late in the procedure, I would be so far behind.

I decided to lodge with the ozone bed and its depletion. I am really grateful for the advice that my equals had given me.After finishing that 3rd annotated bibliography, it was clip to set all of the information together and do this paper a good piece of work. I sat at my computing machine for what felt similar yearss at a clip. I would type and so wipe out. The procedure seemed like a ceaseless rhythm that I could non acquire off from. Every clip that I thought that I had come up with a good thought to add to my paper, I would believe once more and wipe out it.

Then it would hit me that I did desire to utilize that in the paper. I began to go really grateful for the undo option that is offered on the computing machine. During this measure of the procedure, utilizing the MLA format was the hardest portion. It is so easy to merely sit at the computing machine and maintain on typewriting, but when you have to maintain looking at a mention book, you can acquire frustrated. I chose to personally utilize the in text commendation that names the writer within the phrase. For all of the aid that I needed I turner to Diana Hacker, who listed this manner of mentioning as the first in her list ( 326 ) .I took one weekend off from making the paper which truly came in ready to hand.

I was able to unclutter my head and so new fresh thoughts came into position. I was with my cousins who are 27 and 20 nine old ages old. I was stating them about the paper that I had been emphasizing over for hebdomads. In bend, the laughed at me and said that I would non hold to be composing my paper on the ozone bed if it were non for them.

They were of class joking at the fact that they were in their teens during the 1980 & # 8217 ; s, which was the clip for large hair. They said that they likely went through a bottle of Aqua Net hair spray in a hebdomad. All of that aerosol hair spray was non in the least spot helpful to the environment. They truly made me laugh and retrieve the ground that I wanted to compose this paper. When I got back place a returned to my paper, I found the ground that the hair spray that they were utilizing was bad for the environment. Hill and Kolb say that CFC & # 8217 ; s are reasonably much indissoluble in H2O, which is what makes them an ideal propellent for usage in aerosol hair sprays. They besides said that this is unfortunate because this allows them to prevail in the environment ( 329 ) .

I want people to retrieve that the environment is all around usage and it is where we live. Michael Bland states that there are many ways that we, the people on Earth, can forestall the depletion of the ozone ( 66-68 ) . The ground that it becomes destroyed is because of us and if we can forestall it, so why Don & # 8217 ; t we? I want to name to action that we do non utilize things that will destroy our ozone bed. I do non believe that it is something that ne’er crosses our head from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Furthermore, I think that my coevals takes everything for granted. We need to believe about the hereafter because in kernel, we are the hereafter. I know that I personally want the environment to be better than it is now when my kids are turning up.

I do non desire them to hold to hold excess concerns about their wellness and about the malignant neoplastic disease that they get from the deficiency of ozone. Gruijl and Leun say that the depletion of the ozone affects people & # 8217 ; s wellness ( 853 ) . I think that there is adequate that goes on in our day-to-day lives that affects our wellness and we do non necessitate an excess concern. Cancer is such a common disease that strikes worlds, and it can besides be caused by the depletion of the ozone. I know that I do non desire to hold to worry about being wholly shielded from the Sun when I am outside, I want to be able to bask the beams and non hold to worry about malignant neoplastic disease.Now that this paper is done, it was non every bit bad as I thought that it would be.

I did larn a batch that will assist me in the documents to come in this category. Not merely did I learn about the subject that I researched, I learned a batch about what a research narration is. I think that this along with larning MLA format will be something that will come in ready to hand clip after clip in my college calling.Ballanger, Bruse. The Curious Research worker: A usher to composing research documents.

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