Last updated: June 13, 2019
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What is the purpose of the KU Writing Center?
The KU Writing Center was established in order to guide undergraduate and graduate students while they are in the process of drafting or editing their writing by providing competent consultants who give feeedbacks and assist students in learning and understanding effective writing techniques.


2. What services does the KU Writing Center provide to Kaplan students?

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It provides students with thirty-minute face-to-face consultations with competent writing consultants who help revise and perfect a paper while, at the same time, helping them in improving their skills as writers. One-hour sessions are also offered exclusively to graduate students while those pursuing dissertation or thesis levels are provided with the option of joining writing groups. Online consultations are also available.
3. How would one submit his/her paper to the Writing Center if he/she wanted it to be reviewed?


A student may schedule a consultation thru phone, instant message (IM), or online. Walk-ins are also permitted at any of the writing center’s locations.
4. How would one meet with a tutor one-on-one (not in person, but virtually) in the Writing Center?


One may submit a paper online and a response will be received within forty-eight hours, except on weekends. Only one paper per week may be submitted online and should not be more than 40,000 words or twelve pages, double-spaced.
5. What types of learning resources are available at the KU Writing Center?


The site provides writing guides written by consultants on such topics such as Avoiding Plagiarism, Grammar and Usage, Critical Thinking, Reading and Study Strategies, and many others. A Sample Writing Gallery and Assignment Planner is also available.
6. How can taking advantage of the KU Writing Center make you a better student?


The programs at the KU writing center can make me become a better student because they help develop my proficiency in my communication skills, particularly my writing skills.  The problem that so many brilliant students and individuals face is that they are not able to effectively convey to other people what they know.  At KU writing center, I am confident that I can improve my writing skills, which will in turn allow me to convey ideas more effectively and organize my thoughts in a clearer manner.
7. If you have used the KU Writing Center before, tell the professor about your experience(s); if you have not used the KU Writing Center, tell the professor how you plan to use it in the future.


I plan to use the KU writing center to improve my overall writing style to allow me to express ideas in a clear but succinct manner.  I also hope that this will enable me to be able to also improve my performance in work.