First of all, a good teacher must know the necessary knowledge to teach his subject.

A good teacher should have a sense of humor. It?s is important for a good teacher to be good at communicator. A good teacher can be defined as someone who always pushes students to want to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative.

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Teachers have the responsibility to educate and fill students with knowledge the best way. A good teacher doesn?t just stand in front of his class and lecture, but tries to establish dialogue and try to make everybody to be participating in the lessons.A good teacher makes him available to all students. A good teacher allows students to ask questions. Good teachers respect all students. A good teacher can be defined as a best friend. A good teacher must have many supported materials ready for class.

Good teachers have to be interested in their own subject, and the same time has an open mind around other subjects. A good teacher has to be strict and self-confident. Good teachers arrive to their in time to start a lesson and end a lesson in time because of good organization and planning.

A good teacher is one with a big heart. Teachers must be a symbol of kindness and love. A good teacher is one who challenge student to be the best. Everyone in the world is a teacher in a sense.

We all teach something to someone at one point in our lives. Some of us succeed to be a good teacher. This happens when a teacher believes in the power of education. When the student doesn?t learn the way the teacher teaches, then the good teacher teaches the way the student learns.A good teacher is someone who will do everything in their power to make every student feel loved and successful. Every student learns differently.

A good teacher must first have been a good student. A good teacher is one who can express his point clearly. A good teacher is one who is ready to help at any time, who knows what is right and wrong. To become a good teacher, you should not only teach student, but also learn from them. A good teacher smiles to his students. A good teacher is someone who teaches not only form his mind, but also from his heart.