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Gun Control? Essay, Research Paper


What Role Should The Government Play in Gun Control?

A good regulated Militia,

being necessary to the security of a free State,

the right of the people to maintain and bear Weaponries,

shall non be infringed.

Gun control is a existent issue with Americans today. Many people have different sentiments about how to manage our turning quandary refering guns. There are those who believe we should censor guns wholly and those who believe we should non censor or curtail the people? s right to have guns at all. Both sides have valid statements, but neither side seems to cognize how to compromise because of their really different sentiments. I personally believe guns should be banned. However, those against gun control have really good statements.

The Second Amendment was written because of the settlers? fright of an almighty cardinal authorities taking over, but there are many readings of how the Second Amendment reads. The tribunal has ne’er found the Second Amendment to collide with the Fourteenth Amendment? s Due Process clause which states that, ? No province shall & # 8230 ; deprive any individual of life, autonomy, or belongings, without due procedure of jurisprudence? ( McClenaghan 522 ) . This gave each province the right to put up their ain regulations and ordinances, which I believe, is one ground why we have the jobs that we do.

There have been four major instances heard by the Supreme Court which found that the fire-arm control Torahs are constitutional ; United States v. Cruikshank ( 1986 ) , Presser v. Illinois ( 1886 ) , Miller v. Texas ( 1894 ) , and the United States v. Miller ( 1939 ) ( Strahinich 41 ) . United States v. Miller was the most of import. It supported a subdivision of the National Firearms Act of 1934, fundamentally saying that it is a offense to transport sawed off scatterguns, machine guns, or silencers across province lines unless registered with the Treasury Department ( McClenaghan 522 ) .

The United States already has more than twenty 1000 gun Torahs, but they do non look to be doing an impact. The first American gun control Torahs were written before the Revolutionary War. The most effectual and more recent Torahs have been the Gun Control Act of 1986 and the Brady Law. The Gun Control Act of 1986 has a batch of impact on our rights refering pieces today. It requires federal licensing and review of traders with new and rigorous guidelines. It restricted the sale of ammo and pieces between provinces and wholly banned importing? Saturday dark specials. ? Citizens could no longer have? destructive devices? such as bazookas and machine guns ( Strahinich 51 ) . This chiefly attempts to forbid high hazard groups from obtaining pieces. The Gun Control Act of 1986 created new and greater punishments for utilizing pieces to perpetrate federal offenses. The Brady Law of 1994 required a purchaser to wait at least five yearss before having a pistol, hence giving the marketer equal clip to make a background cheque. The resistance argues that since there are over two million pistols in circulation today it would be about impossible for every individual purchaser to be checked. Those gun control believe that neither the Brady Act nor the Gun Control Act of 1986 are strong plenty. It? s alteration in 1998 expanded required waiting periods on pistols, to necessitating waiting periods on all pieces ( Netzley 32 ) . Some have suggested confining guns and ammo. Virginia Governor Doug Wilder proposed restricting gun purchases to one per individual per month ( Roleff 65 ) . However, in 1982 Kennesaw, Georgia created an regulation that required every caput of family to have a gun and ammo ( Strahinich 48 ) . Washington DC has the state? s most utmost gun jurisprudence. It states that? No civilian may purchase or transport a pistol, nor may any gun be kept assembled or loaded in one? s place for ego defense. ? Yet, Washington has one of the highest homicide rates in the United States ( Roleff 47 ) . It is my belief that no individual province can accurately make up one’s mind what is best for the state as a whole. It is said that any gun control step that makes it harder to obtain guns would be given to bring forth more gun force instead than less because the jurisprudence staying citizens will be defenceless against the condemnable types. To gun control militants, inhibitory gun control Torahs are non at all effectual. If anything, it will foster the spread of pieces. Just expression at how the inhibitory gun Torahs of Chicago, New York, and Washington DC sent responsible gun usage resistance.

There are many groups strongly against gun control. Some include: the Second Amendment Foundation, the Citizen? s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the Gun Owners of America, and the National Rifle Association ( NRA ) . The NRA, being the largest group, has over three million members and an one-year budget of one hundred million dollars. Their suggestion is that we keep the Torahs we have and merely implement them with tougher sentences for anyone who uses a piece to interrupt a jurisprudence. The NRA? s motto is? If guns are outlawed, merely outlaws will hold them. ? They frequently argue that? Guns do non kill people, people kill people. ? The NRA does non desire any gun control Torahs or limitation

s. The lone Torahs they promote are preemption Torahs, which keep metropoliss and vicinities from set uping and implementing their ain restrictive gun control Torahs and ordinances without consent from the province.

It has been recognized that when states in the past established gun control, they used it against the people. For illustration, in 1929, the Soviet Union created a footing of gun control and from 1929-1953 about 20 million unarmed dissenters were killed. China established gun control Torahs in 1935 and shut to twenty million more dissenters were executed from 1948-1952. Turkey, Germany, Guatemala, and Uganda all instituted some signifier of gun control and within a short period of clip many lost their lives, all because they were unarmed and defenseless. From 1915-1981 over 50 six million people died because those states in peculiar used gun control Torahs against their public ( hypertext transfer protocol: // /firearms/gun_ control_is_a_nice_phrase.htm ) .

Gun oppositions believe that the Second Amendment did non make an bing right. All it did was province a preexistent right. They read it as though the Second Amendment specifically grants the right to the people, and if the framers intended to give provinces the power to keep reservess, it would hold clearly said so. They besides say that civilian gun ownership is? necessary to the security of a free state. ? Another statement of theirs is that the amendment does non state provinces may maintain and bear weaponries. Rather, it states the people have the right to make so. In 1990 in the United States v. Verdugo-Urquidez, the United States Supreme Court declared that the word? people? used in the Bill of Rights is defined as a? category of individual? s who are portion of the national community? ( Roleff 76 ) . It is besides a belief that guns make people experience safer cognizing that they have agencies of defence. New York criminologist Hans Toch wrote, ? When used for protection, pieces can earnestly suppress aggression and can supply a psychological buffer against fright of offense? ( Roleff 45 ) . It has been proven that most violent Acts of the Apostless are committed by people with histories of force. Today ninety nine per centum of all legal proprietors do no commit offenses with their guns. Merely 50 four per centum ( about 14 million ) guns have been registered with the FBI ( Dolan 29 ) . However, 30 three and a half per centum ( close to 8.7 million ) are uncomplete enrollment records ( Dolan 55 ) .

Gun advocates believe that, much like a driver? s licence, gun ownership is a privilege. They believe that gun ownership is non an absolute right and it can be restricted for the populace? s safety and wellbeing. Their reading of the Second Amendment is that it merely grants the province itself the right to keep reserves. The tribunal refers to the reserves as? a organic structure of citizens enrolled for military subject? , non as an armed people at big ( Roleff 85 ) . Their chief marks are pistols and assault

arms, both being arms of pick for felons. Therefore, guns, like other potentially unsafe merchandises, should be controlled by authorities bureaus.

One issue often debated is gun force that affects kids. Each twenty-four hours in the United States 14 kids are killed in accidents, self-destructions, and homicides, and 100s more are injured. Those against gun control claim that gun accidents

affecting both kids and grownups have fallen since the 1970? s ( Roleff 66-67 ) . One solution either manner would be to learn our kids about proper and responsible gun safety.

Every twelvemonth more than thirty four 1000 Americans are killed with pistols in homicides, self-destructions, and accidents. Merely three 100s are listed as? justifiable homicide? ( Roleff 22-23 ) . This class includes hiting a burglar, raper, or mugger. Police kill near to 330 guiltless people yearly. Citizens kill merely thirty people a twelvemonth because they are mistaken for an interloper ( Lott, 1-2 ) . It has been proven that a gun in the place is 40 three times more likely to kill its proprietor, a household member, or friend instead than an interloper ( Roleff 23 ) . In 1992, more people in Texas were killed by guns than auto accidents ( Roleff 25 ) . Those who do non prefer gun control argue that those figures do non include citizens whose lives were saved because an interloper was scared off by a gun. They claim that near to 82,000 people use pieces in defence for themself, person else, or their belongings ( Roleff 117 ) .

There are two basic attacks to commanding this job. Either allow everyone hold entree to guns, except those prohibited by jurisprudence, or do non allow anyone hold a gun except those permitted, such as those in the line if responsibility or jurisprudence enforcement functionaries. I personally believe that all pistols and assault arms should be banned and destroyed with the exclusion of jurisprudence enforcement functionaries and military. We might non be able to halt all of this gun force but at least we can shut loopholes that control the sale and distribution of guns in America. Next to cars, guns are the 2nd most deathly consumer merchandise on the market. There are over two hundred million guns in circulation today, compared to the mere 50 four million in 1950 ( Roleff 142 ) .