Last updated: March 12, 2019
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From the very first day our world was created love already existed. Love is the most important ingredient of the creation of the every living thing in this world. Our world and everything that are living were the outcome of love. Love is the basis of our lives. To love and to know love is the single greatest gift we can experience. Love remains a mystery to us. Yet it is something that is so complex and powerful that it guides and rules our lives. Knowing true love is as close to heaven as we are likely to get in this life. Without it, our lives are reduced to meaningless drudgery, misunderstanding and emptiness.

Love can make us glow and transform our lives. To be unloved turns us painfully into beings without purpose and direction. Love is the force that enables us to form and live in communities. It becomes clear very quickly that amour is the fabric of our society. It is the fuel, the driving force and engine, all rolled into one. Where there is love there is harmony and balance in the world. Where it is absent there is misunderstanding, hatred, fear and jealousy. Look at the troubled spots in the world. Who could say that if love ruled there, the killing, the fighting and the hostility would not stop immediately?

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Love is the force that binds us all and drives us forward. When we love to do something don’t we do it with passion, with care and with enthusiasm? So much has been achieved in the world through love and the passion and commitment it forges inside us. To be out of love is to be at the bottom of despair and melancholy. Can you think of one conflict that would not be resolved if love was allowed to rule? Love is being completely selfless; it is to radiate energy so powerful that it could stop conflict and violence throughout the world today. Violence and hate end where love begins, they cannot exist or compete with love.

Love is far stronger than hate, fear or despair. That is not wishful thinking, it is a fact. Yet, sometimes we let love out of our lives thinking we can survive without it, but we are wrong. The world needs love to maintain peace and order. Love is the most powerful feeling that we should experience to make our life and this world a better place to live in. Our world cannot survive without love. Mankind needs the world so in exchange we should all give appreciation to this world by means of love. If it wasn’t for the love of our creator, this precious world that we our living in would be non- existing.