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An estimated 8,000 pupils rallied outside the Indonesian parliament in what was the largest protest against president B.J. Habibie since he took office in May after presentations and societal agitation forced former president Suharto to step down.

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Jean Chretien invited the President of Indonesia to go to the Asia-Pacific

Economic Cooperation forum which is the primary regional vehicle for advancing unfastened trade and practical economic cooperation. In a missive of Oct. 3, 1997, Chretien told Suharto & # 8221 ; I have directed my functionaries to save no attempt to guarantee that appropriate security and other agreements are made for your stay in Canada as our guest. & # 8221 ;

Presentations did interrupt out in Vancouver, concentrating on the presence of

Suharto, the now fain Indonesian dictator responsible for the violent death of 1000s of trade union members, anti-poverty workers and pupils. During the protest on Nov. 25, 1997, everyone with a megaphone was either arrested or had his or her megaphone confiscated. Students were besides arrested for keeping marks and walky-talkies. Students who started being really disobedient were pepper-sprayed instead than arrested, and those barricading one of the three motorcade issues were besides pepper-sprayed out of T

he manner without warning. Almost all the adult females arrested were strip searched and some were subjected to pit hunts. In all, 78 APEC related apprehensions were made at UBC in the

hebdomads of the acme.

Time line of events.

March 97 & # 8211 ; The hosting of the APEC Leader & # 8217 ; s meeting by UBC is eventually brought to a board of governors run intoing.

May 22, 1997 & # 8211 ; The Graduate Student Society passes a gesture opposing the presence of APEC on campus.

June 4, 1997 & # 8211 ; APEC Alert members commemorate the day of remembrance of the Tiananmen

slaughter with a vigil at the Goddess of Democracy statue and chalking at the Museum of Anthropology.

September 25, 1997 & # 8211 ; Students manus out Apec info at Martha Peppers startup. She one time once more refuses to awnser any inquiries about APEC.

November 7, 1997 & # 8211 ; In support of the Halloween arrestees, pupils present a mock test in forepart of Koeporate Library and & # 8216 ; Chalk it up & # 8217 ; around Koerner Plaza and once more on the Windowss at the atrium.

November 22, 1997 & # 8211 ; Four pupils arrested for bivouacing outside the Museum.

November 25, 1997 & # 8211 ; Approximately 3000 pupils and non pupils gather at the

Goddess of Democracy to listen to addresss, music and watch street theaters.