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What Women Should Know Essay, Research Paper

Karen Pratt

Composition I 10:00

Analysis Essay

September 22, 2000

What adult females need to cognize about Universities

A adult female should derive many things from a university instruction. Simply obtaining go throughing classs and graduating with a sheepskin are non the lone benefits of college. Another benefit should be the development of assurance and ego worth. They should besides be exposed to a diverse population and to beliefs that differ from their ain. They should organize enduring relationships with other people from this clip in their lives. They need to turn, to alter, to maturate and to see everything college has to offer. Womans should be encouraged and supported by module, non merely taught as a figure. Finally, they should derive existent life experiences, non merely & # 8220 ; book learning. & # 8221 ;

Universities today are non supplying adequately for their pupils. SAU is as guilty of this as any other college. All excessively frequently, pupils are allowed to intermix into the crowd. Students are non encouraged to be persons. They are excessively frequently judged by person else & # 8217 ; s pre-set criterions. They are made to experience as though they must look a peculiar manner, frock in popular manners, drive the right cars, and associate with certain people merely to be accepted. Universities, SAU non excluded, still let sororities,

fraternities, and other organisations to include or except people on a caprice. Those fortunate adequate to be accepted look down on those who are non. Universities besides overlook the demands of full groups of people, such as older college pupils and commuters.

Another country that SAU and other universities fail in is support for pupils. Advisers are frequently excessively busy to sit down and advocate pupils. Students must be after out everything and descry their ain lacks, so seek to rectify state of affairss on their ain.

A concluding country that needs betterment in all schools is that of fixing pupils for the existent universe. Too frequently, all lessons come from a book. Faculties should supply pupils with echt life and work state of affairss. More practical experiences would assist all pupils. There are people who graduate from college merely to happen they hate the occupations for which they have been trained. This might be avoided if there had been existent universe experiences.

In drumhead, excessively many of today & # 8217 ; s colleges and universities are learning at the pupils, alternatively of merely learning pupils as people. Until these college and universities recognize that everyone is non the same, this will non alter. They should see that each person has things to offer, and non anticipate everyone to conform to a stiff set of outlooks. The universe would be a genuinely deadening topographic point if everyone were merely like everyone else.