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Whats Happiness Essay, Research PaperWhat s it traveling to take?David Myers says in the article Don T Worry You Can Be Happy by John B.

Thomas. Happiness relies mostly on things unrelated to money, such as meaningful activities and enriching relationships. With that the article states that with the following 10 stairss you can better your felicity. One: learn to wish your ego. Two: take control of your fate. Three: pattern anticipating the best. Four: go more extrospective.

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Five: attempt moving happy. Six: see new work. Seven: Sleep, sleep, sleep. Eight: Foster close relationships.

Nine: Tie the knot. Ten: have faith. So with all of the 10 stairss you can see that with a small religion and following these stairss you could Be Happy.

Throughout the article Thomas makes really valuable points, two that I have to hold with 100 % . The first point that I agree with is holding faith. Having religion in a spiritual manner or merely in life in general. Both types of religion will convey you an interior felicity. You look at those people who are ill or really badly. The 1 who has faith seems to do a stronger and quicker recovery.

You ll besides notice that from these people that they are really at peace and convey felicity to those around them.The 2nd point that he makes that I agree with is sleep, sleep, sleep. I ve notice that in life you need to kip. Peoples who have problem kiping become really cranky and unhappy. You ll besides notice that thosepeople whom do kip they tend to be more patient, watchful and more extrospective. These people to me, which are acquiring adequate slumber are happy with that point in their life and can go through their felicity to others.

You ll besides notice that people seem to do more errors and have problem being happy when theyunable to kip. So when looking at felicity and slumber you ll notice that you have to acquire adequate slumber to be happy in life.When looking at the list you have to inquire what make I make to do myself happy? For me I surround myself with my friends who are happy.

Knowing that their felicity would rub off on me. I besides find myself seeking to do others happy by assisting them, when they are down in their clip of demand. Bing at that place for others can be really self-gratifying and hike felicity for both you and the individual whom you are assisting. I besides have to state that to happen felicity you have to be patient. That to me is my formula for felicity.

It occurred to me mid manner in typing this essay what the definition of felicity is. Happiness to me is, random Acts of the Apostless of senseless kindness. When you walk down the streets and people smile at you and you smile back. Just to cognize that people I don t know are happy signifier a smiling that at that minute in clip that they are smiling to be happy. When your close friends and household call you up for no ground merely to speak.

It s that simple to be happy you have to give out felicity in order to be happy. That to me is what felicity is.