What? S My Purpose Of Human Existence? Essay, Research PaperHave you of all time wondered why we, worlds, be? Who is our Godhead? How did we acquire here? Well, as for me, these inquiries pop into my head particularly right before I go to kip. These inquiries have been on my head since I was approximately five old ages old till present clip. Possibly one twenty-four hours, I? ll acquire me inquiries answered.

It all begin when I was approximately five old ages old. I remember waking up during the center of the dark, staring into this green dark visible radiation against the shadows of a statue of the infant Jesus. And I would merely put at that place and contemplate about why do we be. Where did we come from? So the undermentioned twenty-four hours I would inquire my parents why do we be.

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My parents replies were, we were created by God so we can hold households, work, follow God? s regulations, and so go through the word of God to our kids. Basically, my parents were stating we live by God and go on the rhythm by go throughing God? s word to our kids. After hearing this I begin to roll, so who is this God. Is God all these statues that we pray to. So if God is merely one, so why do people pray to all these statues.As old ages past by, these inquiries would look now and so.

Sometimes it was impossible for me to kip. So so I would inquire some friends the same inquiry, why do you believe we be? Some of their replies were wholly opposite from what my parents said. For case, one of my friends said that we were derived from monkeys and that through out the old ages the monkey begiN to go complex and someway mutated into the human signifier.

And so another friend suggested that we exist because God was lonely and God ended his solitariness by making homo. Some of my friend? s speculations were intriguing yet it merely didn? Ts make any sense. Like, if we were derived from monkeys, why do monkeys still exist of why haven? T they conform into worlds. Or who is this God if he created us, wouldn? T we see him if created us because of his solitariness. There? s merely no replies, it? s merely inquiry after inquiry.

Another twosome of old ages past and still this inquiry will somehow wander in my caput. Why do we be? It was like there wasn? T anymore replies. Until one twenty-four hours, during scientific discipline category, my instructor was learning us about? The Big Bang Theory? , which is when the existence originated one million millions of old ages ago by an detonation from a individual point of about infinite energy denseness, intending we were created by these active elements that were build from the Earth.

This theory Begin to trip many impressions in my caput. It merely made sense because worlds contain elements that are composed of the physical existence. But so my bubble busted, what cogent evidence do we worlds truly have. These scientists didn? Ts exist so, and how can follow a billion old ages ago.

There? s merely no concrete grounds that supports this theory.As you make take a notice, I have no replies to why we exist. Who knows, possibly I? ll acquire an reply. But so once more at that place? s likely non an reply. Until so, I will maintain believing about why do we be.