When the radiated sun rays strike the longawaited ground, the colour of the graciously green plants lighten. However,when the raging rain thrashes upon the same grassy plants the colour againbrightens itself. The rays reflect the beauty and the grace that the richbiodiversity truly consists of. The flawless picturesque view presented infront of eyes is not oddly satisfying.

The divine flowers are as colourful as arainbow and their elegance is mostly structured towards the blessings of thesun rays making their colours exquisitely visible. Creationism is seenthroughout the land; with all the fascinating creatures that he provided theworl with. The land contains all of the purity and serenity that the forestshave; the plants hence are so greenly created that they make the nearness fillwith solitude. The dazzling sunrays desperately try to make their way through the canopy of the trees; worksas a barrier between them. The gnarled trunk of the gigantic trees, reachup to the sky and welcome the sun rays with their open arms as they providethem with vitality to make their starvation go away and to let the humansoxidise. The forest glade looks frozen, framed perfectly in the enhanced lightof the full dawn. Dusk stained the glistening leafage with shadow and overcast.

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As nightfall plunged, the sounds of the forest began to subside. Uncertaintyhung in the cosy, moist air as the creatures go about for the long-lastingstretch of darkness. Soon new sounds arise from the hunting ground of the brave,heroic and valiant predators. In a matter of few seconds, the climate overthe huge diverseness is a golden glow spread across the sky as the sun chasesthe dark clouds away. The wind is sighing and whipping in the treetops and theboughs are moaning. A curtain of rain beats down from the heaven. The climateis usually filled with moisture due to the unconditional love of humidity forthe forest.

Moreover, the sounds create a constant murmur that becomes a kindof silence in its self. Cacaw! cacaw! A bird calls for mating. All over, a nationalpark does not consist of a specific weather planned for itself and keepschanging from hour to hour and day to day.

 Just behind was the lake which appearedmagically as no sound rang out from the shimmering emptiness of space aroundit. It was in a teardrop-silver colour and it was shaped like a perfectly flatdisc of metal. Monastery quiet, it was lined with pine trees and the whiff ofmint wafted up. Unruffled by wind or rain, it was vault still and restful. Theonly sounds were the buzzing of bees and the heavy echo of a raven crawling.

The picture frame seemed quite ecstatic and fascinating. Have you ever seen alake like this?  On the other hand, the incense was fromcenturies of snapping branches crashing to the forest floor and rotting alone.The composting, biological smell rose up in waves like a reek. Every sprawlingtree passed under, reminded of a watchful guardian, an inaudible Sentinel ofthe groves. An ore gold moon hung tacitly in the distance, casting a honeyedsheen over the trees.

Lightning blessed the tree trunks and watched it fadesaway. Huge roots spread-eagled the ground, distorting like the back of seadinosaurs. The leafage became thick and luscious, forming an arch of fairy-talegreen above. Arthritic boughs, gnarled with age, teardrop their bounty of nutsonto the path. Briars, brambles and berry trees flank the trail, making itimpassable on either side. Shuffling noises came from deep in the interior,unnerved by the cunningly woven web of leaves.

A troupe of shambling badgerscrossed the winding trail in front of us at one point. They were finishing uptheir early morning ravaging and looked spooked to see us. The trees fell away,revealing the sprinkled sky.                                                                Next to it was a cue, an avian aria ejectedfrom the knot of trees and the solitary songbird was soon united by his beakedcompanions, creating a soothing symphony which resonated throughout thebewitching aura.

The trees were playing one symphony after another. Her leavesdance to a muffled beat, whispering their melody to the wind. In here,sheltered by the mighty trees, is every kind of life. The feeling of cascadinglight, a fulgent white shaft luminescent the path that takes it away.

The hearthaunting melody was a brew for the soul.