When You Are Old Essay, Research PaperAnalysis of When You Are Old by W. B. YeatsThis verse form When You Are Old by W. B. Yeats is about Yeats stating his lover how it is traveling to be when she is old, and he is non around any longer.

He is stating her how much he loves her now and how she will believe about his love when she is old. She does non state anything although the talker imagines her stating something in the terminal of this verse form. Yeats wrote this when he was 28, and he talks about what she might be making, feeling, woolgathering when she is old. This verse form is really sweet and sad, because he is stating her how he loves her, but at the same clip he is non traveling to be alive when she is old.Yeats starts out his verse form with the scene. In the first four lines, he describes the clip, the topographic point where the adult female will be, and what she will be making at that clip when she is old. Basically he describes her old age and how she will read her book near the hearth woolgathering about how she was when she was immature.

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She is old and Grey and full of slumber. Grey describes her hair colour, and her eyes look full of slumber since she is old and has furrows around her eyes. She is nodding by the fire, taking down this book that she reads easy. She is reading a book near the hearth. She is besides woolgathering of the soft expression her eyes had one time, and of their shadows deep. Therefore, she is believing about the times when she was immature and had soft expression in her eyes and her deep shadows in her eyes that she used to hold.In the first four lines, Yeats describes from wide thing so he goes into inside informations.

Bing old is the wide description, and he explains what an old adult female will hold in her old age such as gray hair and sleepy eyes. Then he explains what she will make. He could hold merely said that she was old. However, by depicting all these substances Yeats makes readers and the adult female who he really wrote for to conceive of the state of affairs that is described.

Therefore, when she is onen the state of affairs that is described in the first four lines of this verse form, how many loved your minutes of glad grace, and loved your beauty with love false or true. These are inquiries that Yeats is inquiring the adult female. When she is old and woolgathering about her old memories, how many has loved minutes of her grace in her life? Besides, how many has loved your beauty, merely your visual aspect whether it has been true or false? Yeats is stating that many people might hold loved her visual aspect when she was immature.But one adult male loved the pilgrim psyche in you And loved the sorrows of your altering face.

The word But tells the reader that Yeats is traveling to contrast what he wrote before. The word besides emphasizes one adult male s love. Therefore, he is stating that there might be many people who like you when you are immature because of your visual aspect.

However, one adult male loved the pilgrim psyche, and loved her face even though she was acquiring old. Yeats loves her psyche that travels to sacred topographic points. He besides loves the unhappiness of her altering face, as she becomes old. This portion is really sweet. The manner he writes and the tone of his voice makes it more dramatic and Sweet.In the last four lines, Yeats describes what the adult female is making when she thinks about her love when she is old.

She is flexing down beside the radiance bars, Murmur, a small unhappily, how Love fled. The talker imagines her mutter unhappily about her Love fled. Love can mention to two different things here: her young person and the adult male who loved her. The Love paced upon the mountains overhead and conceal his face amid a crowd of stars.

Her young person left her and she became old, and her adult male who loved her died so he is in a crowd of stars in the sky.This verse form, When You Are Old, assumes that the adult female is old even though she is non old at that clip. The talker is conceive ofing the clip when she is old and negotiations about what she would believe of her life and love when she is old. He tells her how she would be sad when she is old believing about her young person and her love that left her.