When You Were Born, They Must Have Thrown The Pattern Away Essay, Research PaperOf all the characters in The Canterbury Tales, there is one that stands out as being the most interesting. Wearing her ruddy stockings and showy garb, the Wife of Bath makes it clear to her equals that she is & # 8220 ; a adult female of the dark & # 8221 ; . Still, readers seem drawn to her as if by a charming enchantment & # 8211 ; capturing their attending and wonder. A individual in the 20th century who can likewise be compared with the Wife of Bath is Sylvia Brown, the universe renowned psychic.

Sylvia Brown often makes visual aspects on the Montel Williams Show. She helps work out perplexing unresolved enigmas, and even gives advice to audience members that have inquiries refering love, money, or their wellness to call a few. Though Sylvia Brown lacks the & # 8220 ; dark accomplishments & # 8221 ; of her The Canterbury Tales opposite number, people are still fascinated by her.

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Not merely does Sylvia possess apparently & # 8220 ; supernatural & # 8221 ; powers, she besides possesses the gift of being really good spoken.& # 8220 ; In company she liked to express joy and chew the fat & # 8221 ; describes the personality of the Wife of Bath, but can besides be used to depict the personality ofSylvia Brown. Sylvia has been to topographic points all over the universe, and everyplace she goes, she attracts hypnotized people to her. Though non all over the universe, the Wife of Bath has been “around the block” a few times. However when they speak, their audiences listen attentively. Montel Williams one time said that Sylvia Brown helps raise his show’s evaluations.

Peoples sometimes “tune in” merely when Sylvia Brown is scheduled to be on T.V. This makes it apparent that Sylvia Brown has a manner with people apparently unmatched by anyone in her clip. This can besides be said for the Wife of Bath who besides captures the involvement and attending of people around her.If both of these adult females lived in the same clip, it is extremely improbable they would hold of all time met. Although each one & # 8217 ; s moral criterions are wholly opposite of the other, they portion a common character trait that seems to magnetize the people watching and listening to them.

Of all the people one meets in a life-time, merely a smattering possesses the personality trait of Sylvia Brown and the Wife of Bath. The stating & # 8220 ; when you were born, they must hold thrown away the form, & # 8221 ; fits absolutely with the individualism of Sylvia and the Wife of Bath.