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Where Happiness Comes From Essay, Research Paper

Where Happiness Comes From

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by Tonia L. Harmon

Their farm was two 100 estates of maize Fieldss,

cattles, hogs, and, of class, poulets. No farm would be

complete without poulets. At the southeast corner of

the farm, behind the smaller maize field, was the creek

with clear cold H2O that reached past my articulatio genuss. On

most weekends my household would travel to see our friends,

the Tailors, who had at one clip seven male childs to maintain

them company. All of them were grown with their ain

lives to go to to, except for Dan, who stayed on at the

farm to assist maintain up the harvests. His younger brother Dave

still came back to the farm, from the busy metropolis, to see

and convey his kids to see their grandparents. Even

though they were about the same age as my brother and I,

we did non play with them because they were greedy and

didn & # 8217 ; t accommodate our playing makings by continuously

altering regulations and rip offing. It was rare that we encountered

them anyhow, and that suited us fine. Most of the clip we

would remain the whole weekend. Our parent & # 8217 ; s elected to

slumber in a collapsible shelter, while my brother and I slept in one of

the many cosy sleeping rooms of the farmhouse. We loved it

at that place and in secret both he and I wished that we could

stay everlastingly.

There were separate grounds why we loved it at that place.

My brother, Forest, had a pick of over a twelve

different old autos and trucks. Forest was allowed under

the goons so that he could putter with the engines and

figure out how they functioned. He was a ten-year old

mechanical mastermind. Everyone knew that he was traveling to

turn up to be a machinist. When he was five or six,

Forest found an old transmittal behind the barn ; in two

hours he had taken it apart and put it back together

once more without anterior direction. Old Mister Tailor

watched from a distance while Forest disassembled and

methodically assembled the transmittal to its original


Our parent & # 8217 ; s are proud and still every bit impressed

as the twenty-four hours it happened. They still brag and carry on

about his mastermind enterprise, as they do with both of us

for the many particular brushs accumulated during our

formative old ages.

My grounds for loving that farm can non be so merely

expressed. I can non contract my ground into one great

memory, and I can non state when precisely I fell in love

with the Tailor farm ; possibly it was from the first clip

I stepped onto the warm and inviting dirt.

There were minutes when I & # 8217 ; d acquire a explosion of happy

energy and run through the field with my hair winging

behind me. The maize was at least four pess above my

caput. Runing through it gave me a secret topographic point all my

ain, like a wholly separate planet that was occupied

by merely me. Most frequently, after playing in the maize field

I went to the crook in the creek where the deepest topographic point

was, and after taking all unneeded vesture I swam,

feigning I was a mermaid in the ocean. I loved to

watch my long ruddy hair sway under the H2O with

my graceful liquid gesture. If the Sun & # 8217 ; s beam danced on

my hair merely right, beautiful colourss would stream through

the clear Utopian H2O.

After supper Ea

ch dark everyone collected on the

big screened-in forepart porch. The grown-ups drank tins

of cold Coors beer while my brother and I sipped tins of

Sprite or 7-up. Lightening bugs danced in the close

darkness while crickets sang to the tune. After a clip

the porch visible radiation came on and a card game would emerge for

the work forces to play. My female parent and Mrs. Tailor would remain at

their seats to speak or portion formulas. Forest and I

shared the duty of acquiring cold beer from the

kitchen maintaining all satisfied. On one juncture I asked

to fall in the game. Surprisingly, I was more than welcome ;

Forest was invited excessively but declined. He was more interested

in happening a Mason jar to roll up lightning bugs.

I received a speedy lesson in the fire hook game, & # 8220 ; Five

card draw & # 8221 ; . As fire hook is largely played with hard currency, each

participant & # 8220 ; spotted & # 8221 ; me a dollar, get downing me at three

dollars. I won the first existent manus with a full-house.

An hr subsequently my three dollars was near to a hundred and

I was pronounced the lucky victor. On Sunday after

church I used that money to handle everyone to breakfast.

Leaving the farm to travel back to our little town was

hard for me. I would shout or throw up a dither,

stamping my pess, and declining to go forth. The times that

our household merely stayed for the twenty-four hours, Mrs. Tailor would

voluntary to maintain me over for the weekend and return me

place on Sunday after church. I think she enjoyed my

presence because all of her kids had been male childs.

On occasions when it was impossible for me to remain, Mrs.

Tailor would give me a soothing clinch, and remind me that

following hebdomad we would be back once more. Those words soothed my

discontent and solved any other affair that I suffered.

Mrs. Tailor was to me what adult females on the screen of

magazines are to most immature misss today. I would try

to copy how she walked ; or how she would brush her long

grey hair. I mimicked her words, as if by utilizing them I

would someway be more intelligent, even if I didn & # 8217 ; Ts know

the significance of them. I even copied the manner she dialed the

phone with one of the excess rotary phones. I tried on her

places tittuping about feigning to be Cinderella at the

ball or some other character from a narrative.

Looking back at these memories now, I realize how

I needed to hold those good memories. Subsequently, when my

household was torn in many waies, I depended on these

memories to acquire past the hurting. I invariably tried to

soothe my alcoholic and violent parents by reminding them

of the good times. Sometimes my attempts worked other times

my parent=s didn & # 8217 ; t even seem to care. It was the hope of

the hereafter and being able to reflect upon these memories

that put a smiling on my face when things seemed unwieldy.

I knew that felicity was possible ; I had felt it before.

Those distant but graphic memories were all I had. During

those times, I vowed to do new memories of felicity,

alternatively of have oning out the lone 1s I had.

Person one time told me that felicity came from the

indoors and they were right. I wasn & # 8217 ; t able to be genuinely happy

once more until I found that topographic point inside my bosom and was

comfy with what I found. Simply delighting others was

non a replacement for showing love.