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& A ; What I Lived For & # 8211 ; Thoreau Essay, Research PaperIn? Where I Lived & A ; What I Lived For, ? Thoreau? s response towards nature is of esteem and value. His regard for nature is about spiritual. This is depicted in the manner he describes his love and worship for nature.Thoreau is surrounded by nature and feels relaxed and relieved when he comes across it.

He seems to meet a really peaceable and quiet universe in Nature. ? ? ? becomes a lower Eden itself so much the more of import? ( Thoreau 63 ) . He expresses nature in a heaven-like manner, which shows his love and regard for it. He situates his house in the wood so he could be the one caged and have birds around him, alternatively of holding a bird caged in his house. This makes him experience closer to nature, which he enjoys because he feels more relaxed when he encounters it.Thoreau depicts his ideas on Nature in a spiritual sense. His values and regard for nature is portrayed in an unusual manner that reflects his personality. ? An adobe without birds is like a repast without flavoring? ( 63 ) .

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He portrays Nature as a? flavorer, ? Because he feels that nature makes life more exciting and without it, life would be deadening, merely like an unseasoned repast is tiring. The ground he values Nature and the experience he has in the forests is because he feels more in control and happier when he is at that place. He feels that Nature is fantastic and that without it life would non be deserving populating. ? ? .

near green hills? ..and higher 1s in the skyline? ( 64-5 ) . Thoreau emphasizes the thought of the go oning mountains that go back until he is unable to see any longer. Damodara describes it as a? huge skyline? that is really gratifying.

Thoreau uses his imaginativeness to see the remainder of the broad mountain ranges that he is unable to see. ? There was grazing land sufficiency for my imaginativeness? ( 64-5 ) . He is non merely mentioning to his imaginativeness, but how he can roll off in his ain field of nature. He enjoys and values that.Thoreau demonstrates his regard for nature throughout these transitions.

By mentioning to lakes, mountains, birds, and the wood, he shows his desire for being in a universe of Nature. Religiously, he compares Nature to heaven, which shows how much he respects it.