WHITE HOUSE [ White House ] – official name of the executive sign of the zodiac of the President of the United States. It is on the south side of Pennsylvania Ave.

, Washington, D.C. , confronting Lafayette Square.The edifice, constructed of Virginia freestone, is of simple and baronial design. The porte-cochere on the north forepart, which forms the chief entryway, is a portico of high Ionic columns making from the land to the roof pediment ; it is balanced by a semicircular colonnaded balcony on the South with a second-floor porch, completed in 1948.The chief edifice ( four narratives high ) is about 170 foots ( 52 m ) long by 85 foots ( 26 m ) broad. The E and West patios, the executive office ( 1902 ) , the east wing ( 1942 ) , and a penthouse and a bomb shelter ( 1952 ) have been added.

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The colonnade at the east terminal is the public entryway. The executive office is approached by an esplanade. Large responses are normally held in the East Room, which is 40 foot ( 12 m ) by 82 foots ( 25 m ) .The egg-shaped Blue Room is the scene of many societal, diplomatic, and official responses. The Roentgened Room and the Green Room are used for private and quasi-official assemblages. The White House, designated “ the Palace ” in the original programs, was designed by James Hoban on a site chosen by George Washington.It is the oldest public edifice in Washington, its basis holding been laid in 1792.

John Adams was the first President to populate at that place ( 1800 ) . The edifice was restored after being burned ( 1814 ) by British military personnels, and the smoke-stained grey rock walls were painted white. Despite popular myth the nicknames “ White House ” was applied to the edifice some clip before it was painted.The name became official when President Theodore Roosevelt had it engraved upon his letter paper. Part of the house was rebuilt ( 1949-52 ) on a steel-supporting frame.

The evidences, which cover about 18 estates ( 7 hectares ) , are attractive with wide lawns, fountains, trees, and gardens.They were planned by Andrew Jackson Downing. Pennsylvania Ave. between the White House and Lafayette Square was closed to vehicular traffic in 1995 for security grounds.