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White Rabbit Essay, Research PaperThe vocal I am describing on is called White Rabbit. The set, Jefferson Airplane, performs the vocal. I selected this vocal because of the eerie experiencing it gives you when you listen to it. Besides, this vocal is a really good illustration of drug usage among the young person, particularly the flower peoples, in the 1960 s. The right of first publication day of the month on this vocal is 1967.

Jefferson Airplane was a really influential group in the late 1960ss all the manner up to the late 1880ss. When Grace Slick joined the group, during the summer or love, she made the set an icon for the hippy coevals. Their public presentations were known for utmost psychedelic visuals every bit good as the alone sound they produced. When those two things came together the experience was said to be the ultimate comrade for taking LSD.When this vocal was put out, it was early in Jefferson Airplane s calling.

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White Rabbit was on their 2nd album and their first with new lead vocalist, Grace Slick. She was the function theoretical account for all hippy girls, and the dream miss for all hippy cats. She stayed with, every bit good as slept with, the group for most of its calling.

In the clip that White Rabbit was recorded, the war in Vietnam had started ramping into a planetary struggle.The hippy motion, in which Jefferson Airplane participated, was against the war, and for love, peace, and drugs. The music of Jefferson Airplane took these thoughts and distribute them with originative and appropriate vocals.The wordss of White Rabbit were clearly those that expressed drug usage. The beginning of the vocal tells us that the pills that female parent gives you don t do anything at all, but the 1s they take might do you big or do you little, this is clearly a mention to taking LSD.The vocal rubric every bit good as the characters in the vocal all come from the Disney film, Alice in Wonderland which is believed to hold elusive drug subjects.

The vocal fundamentally tells me that the set took acid, watched a Disney film, so wrote a chart topping vocal about it