Who Am I This Time Essay, Research Paper

Who are they now?

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In & # 8216 ; who am I this clip & # 8217 ; , I believe the writer is try to state the narrative of how two rolling psyches had found each other through the strangest of fortunes. The two chief characters Harry Nash and Helene Shaw both have problem pass oning with other people. They have a difficult clip covering with society and they can non manage personal relationships really good. These two chief characters are both wanders in life that had ne’er known love before they met each other. It wasn & # 8217 ; t even obvious to each other when they foremost met. They both lack positive self-images and as a consequence they both need way in life. These are some of the grounds that these two instead uneven characters are perfect for each other.

Harry and Helene are each, in their ain ways, wanders of life. They seem to maintain traveling aimlessly through their yearss. It & # 8217 ; s the same deadening everyday every twenty-four hours ; there is no exhilaration in their lives. They seem to avoid making anything new because they are self-satisfied in their narrow positions of world. They merely feel comfy with each other. Harry roams in and out of moving axial rotations and Helene wanders from metropolis to metropolis. They are ne’er able to sit still long plenty to make up one’s mind who they are. Once they are done with a occupation, it is on to the following, with a opportunity of happening themselves afresh. Harry would ever go forth right after he was done moving. Before anyone could state he would roll off. He would ne’er remain long plenty for the dramatis personae parties partially because he couldn & # 8217 ; Ts take congratulations really good and he didn & # 8217 ; t experience comfy around his equals. He would merely float off. They did non experience comfy in any one state of affairs for an drawn-out period of clip.

Possibly a good ground for this might be that they lack positive self-images. It is because of your self-importance that people act the manner they do. Harry and Helene are really quiet persons. They are non the least vocal. They are anchorites in modern society, every bit hermit as they can be. & # 8220 ; He ne’er could believe of anything to state or make humors

hout a script” , and she could merely talk for a machine ( Vonnegut, p.882 ) . They did non hold single individualities. They were ne’er who they seemed, ever person else.

Because they lack self-importances, they both need way in life. Both of these characters are indecisive. They must be told what to make and finally, how to move. Helene takes orders at work like what to state and where to populate much like the machines she works with. Harry besides takes orders at his topographic point of employment. He has been a clerk for a long clip and has ne’er shown the desire to take on more duty. He would instead be submissive and make what he is told to than hold to be the foreman and do the determinations. The lone clip they seemed to hold any life in them at all, was when they were being told who they were. That was when they came alive and escaped their lifeless universes. Then they could mix with the remainder of society and non be noticed as strange. Harmonizing to Vonnegut Helene felt she was & # 8220 ; ever a alien & # 8221 ; ( 882 ) .

Harry Nash and Helene Shaw are two simple people who are non good adjusted to the outside universe. They can merely acquire along with each other entirely. They stay off from the prising eyes of society because they would instead non be noticed at all. These two societal castawaies do non necessitate congratulations and sort words to do them happy. Because they are wanders in life it is difficult for them to sit still and do something happen and see it all the manner through. There was ne’er to be a long-run committedness expected from these two characters. They will merely maintain floating along in life until something comes along because they will non make out and travel for it. Bing outspoken is non in their nature. This is because they lack positive self-images. They can non see the good in their ain egos. Harry and Helene are ever being told what to make. They must be told what to make because they need way. The ground they do good in moving is because they can merely read the book and everything will be all right. But merely as you get to cognize them, they fade off. Who will they be following?