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Who I Am Essay, Research Paper

Who am I?

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During all of high school, I seemed as if I were concealing behind a mask. When I was at place I was a wholly different individual. At school I was seeking to be a individual who could suit in, but the more I tried the more it didn? T seem to work. Everywhere I went I would ban what I said depending on my milieus and the people that were with me. Most of the clip I would non state anything at all because I was afraid of being embarrassed. I would ever hold to alter my manner when different people were around me. It was atrocious ; I hated it. I was acquiring ill and tired of ever being person I was non. It was about the center of the summer of 1999, after my junior twelvemonth, that I realized that being two different people was the worst thing that I could that done to myself and that I did hold other options.

Around that clip, a major influence on my life was my cousin, Ben. He taught me that I would merely populate one time and that I should be the individual that I was and non some one that merely tries to suit in. We were sitting a in a java store, one eventide, when he asked me the one inquiry than changed my life. ? Who are you? ? When I foremost heard this inquiry I hesitated to reply. This inquiry opened a new door in my head that had ne’er been opened earlier. This was the first inquiry that had really made me believe about myself and who I was. The more I thought about his inquiry the more I realized that I had a determination to do ; to be the individual who tried to suit in and cared what other people thought or to be myself. For the past 16 old ages I had tried to suit in, and I had cared what other people thought and this hadn? T seemed to work. So, for the first clip, I was traveling to be myself.

When I started to be myself, it seemed as if everything was different. I used to look at was merely on the surface. I would non usually look profoundly into a peculiar topic. When I was myself, the environment seemed as if it had a deeper significance. Every thing I saw, heard, smelled, and felt I would comprehend it in a highly different manner than of all time earlier. Because of this, I was able to take what I had learned an

vitamin D use it to many different things.

When I went back to school, things were wholly changed, my position toward life had changed, the people around me changed and my relationship with my household was changed. For illustration, before I realized this my classs at school were nice but non the best that could be because I was lazy. After I got to school everything sort of fell together, it all made sense. I realized that if I did the work foremost I could be lazy subsequently and non hold to worry about it. As a consequence, my classs sky-rocketed my senior twelvemonth.

In school, my circle of friends were people that I had been traveling to school with since 6th class. I besides had friends that were non in my circle. When I went back to school I decided to be one individual, myself. After the first month, I realized that most all of my friends were all individual functioning friends. That is, they were friends merely during good times and that? s all. Most of my friends easy parted from me because I went my ain manner. I didn? t attempt to suit in. At this clip in my life I found out who my existent friends were and who I truly was.

As my attitude changed so did my dealingss with my household. My sister and I fought all the clip. It was ever about little stupid material that was non truly relevant. One twenty-four hours while we were holding a little wrangle, I stopped and took a measure back and looked at the large image. It hit me, I realized that I shouldn? t sweat the little material. Peoples are non perfect, they do do errors. After this twenty-four hours it seemed as if my sister and I had the perfect relationship. I was besides able to truly link with the people in my household. The bond between my household and I has grown stronger of all time since.

Through what I have learned, I was able to set myself into other peoples places and see their point of position every bit good as my ain, giving me new positions and penetration in all countries of life. Everyday is a new twenty-four hours, and I take one twenty-four hours at a clip. So, who am I? I am non a individual who tries to suit in, I am non a individual who cares what other people think, I am Dave, an person, I am my ain entity. So far, this has been, without a uncertainty, the best twelvemonth I had had in my life.