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Who Is Rosa Parks? Essay, Research Paper

Who is Rosa Parks? Rosa Parks is person who grew up believing people should be judged by the regard they have for themselves and others. ( Le Blanc, 190 ) Rosa Parks is largely known for standing up for herself and for other all other African Americans when she refused to travel to the dorsum of the coach to give up her place for a white adult male. ( Le Blanc, 190 ) When Rosa took a base, she didn? T do it to do her name go down in history. She did it because she believed in herself and she stood up for an unfairness she thought was incorrect. Rosa Parks is a brave and really singular individual.

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Rosa Parks was born in Tuskagee, Alabama. When she was a immature kid her parents separated. After her parents got divorced, she moved to Montgomery with her ma. ( Le Blanc, 189 ) She grew up with an drawn-out household that consisted of her maternal grandparents and Sylvester, her younger brother. ( Le Blanc, 189 ) Rosa? s female parent was a school instructor and she was taught by her until age 11. ( Celsi, 1 ) At age 11 she went to Montgomery Industrial School for Girls. It was an all black school. Everything in Montgomery was either? inkinesss merely? or? Whites only. ? Though she found it mortifying, Parks became used to obeying segregation Torahs. ( Celsi, 1 )

? With her female parent? s aid, Rosa was able to turn up proud of herself and other black people. ? ( Contemporary Black Biography, 190 ) By the clip she reached the center of her life, Rosa was no longer a alien to white bullying. ( Le Blanc, 190 ) At the age of 20, Rosa married Raymond Parks, who was a Barber. Rosa and Raymond had to maintain steady occupations to back up themselves. ( Le Blanc, 190 )

Rosa hated the manner of life. She had ever dreamed of equality and freedom. ( Stewart, 1 ) Although Rosa grew up with segregation, she turned out to be a really good rounded alone individual many people can look up to. She was merely a normal individual with a normal life, but she did something that non many black people back so had the bravery to make? she stood up for herself.

In Rosa? s trim clip, she became active in the NAACP. She was besides active in the Montgomery Voters League. ( Le Blanc, 190 ) The Montgomery Voters League was a group that helped black people pass a particular trial so they could register to vote. ( Le Blanc, 190 ) Rosa had been mutely protesting segregation in her ain quiet manner over the old ages. For illustration, alternatively of siting up an lift that said? inkinesss merely? she would take the stepss. ( Le Blanc, 190 ) The most good known boycott is the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This was a boycott that took topographic point in response to Rosa? s apprehension. Her apprehension caused black people throughout Montgomery to decline to sit coachs. ( Church, 393 ) The success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott encouraged a moving ridge of monolithic presentations that swept across the South. ( Church, 394 )

Rosa Parks has succeeded in set uping herself in history by what she did. She is one of the most esteemed and distinguished African Americans in our history. ( Asante, 71 ) Rosa Parks stood didn? t merely stand up for herself, she stood up for racism. It must hold been hard for her because non merely was she an African American, she was besides a adult female, and back so things were much more hard for adult females.

Even though Rosa did something really brave, some might state she isn? t the best leader. Many leaders give addresss, lead presentations and write requests. Rosa Parks didn? Ts do any of these things. Other people were motivated to make these things because of her standing up for herself. ( Asante, 71 )

The most of import incident that happened in Rosa? s life occurred on December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks was siting the coach place from work like she did every twenty-four hours. But that twenty-four hours had been esp

ecially palling. ( Le Blanc, 190 ) The coach was a changeless annoyance to black people. The front four rows were reserved for Whites ( and remained empty even when there were non adequate white riders to make full them ) . The back subdivision, which was ever really crowded, was for black riders. In between there were some rows that were truly portion of the black subdivision, but served as an overflow country for white riders. If the white subdivision was full, black riders in the in-between subdivision had to resign their seats, non merely one place? the whole row had to be empty even if merely one white rider required a place. ( Celsi, 2 ) That is precisely the state of affairs, which happened to Rosa Parks on the eventide of December 1, 1955. Rosa took her place in the in-between subdivision. ( Celsi, 2 ) She was glad to be off her pess at last, when a white adult male got on the coach and demanded her row be cleared because the white subdivision was full. The others who were sitting in the same row yieldingly moved to the dorsum of the coach, but Rosa merely didn? t feel like standing the remainder of the manner place. So, surprising everyone she softly refused to travel. ( Celsi, 2 )

The white coach driver threatened to name the constabulary unless Rosa gave up her place. Rosa merely calmly replied, ? Go in front and name them. ? By the clip the constabulary arrived the driver was really angry. When he was asked whether he wanted Rosa to be arrested or allow off with a warning, he insisted for Rosa to be arrested. Rosa was so taken off to the constabulary station, where she was fingerprinted and jailed. She was allowed to do one phone call. ( Celsi, 2 ) Rosa used her one phone call to name E.D. Nixon, a friend from NAACP and a attorney. When he heard what happened to Rosa, he was outraged. ( Le Blanc, 190 )

? Her instance was the last straw for the inkinesss of Montgomery. ? ( Church, 393 ) Word of Rosa? s apprehension spread rapidly. The Women? s Political Council decided to protest her intervention by forming a boycott of the coachs. ( Celsi, 2 ) The boycott was set for December 5, the twenty-four hours of Rosa? s test, but Martin Luther King Jr. and other members of Montgomery? s black community realized that they had the opportunity to take steadfast action and stand up to segregation. ( Celsi, 2 ) So, the Montgomery Improvement Association was formed to form a boycott that would go on until the coach segregation Torahs were changed. ( Celsi, 2 )

The boycott lasted for 382 yearss, and caused the coach company to lose a big sum of money. The undermentioned twelvemonth, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Montgomery segregation jurisprudence illegal, and the boycott was eventually called off. ( Celsi, 2 ) Besides, the regulations of the coach were changed. They new regulations were:

1. Black and white people could sit wherever they wanted to

2. Bus drivers were to esteem all riders

3. Black people were now allowed to use for driver places.

( Stewart, 1 ) This caused other metropoliss to follow in Montgomery? s illustration. Rosa Parks is known as? the female parent of the Civil Rights Movement. ? Though it seems like an honorary function, it? s non an easy one. Rosa was harassed with menaces and phone calls during the boycott, which even caused her hubby to hold a nervous dislocation. In 1957 they moved to Detroit where her brother Sylvester lives. ( Celsi, 3 )

For awhile, Rosa? s unrecorded went without torment, over the old ages she even received honorary grades and awards. But so on August 30, 1994, everyone was stunned when Rosa had been assaulted in her place. She was hit repeatedly and had 53 dollars stolen from her. ( Celsi, 3 ) Many great things have happened because of one singular adult females named Rosa Parks. It all happened because she wasn? T afraid to stand up for herself. So in decision, Rosa Parks is a brave adult female whom we can all look up to and look up to.