Who Killed JFK? Essay, Research PaperAppraisal for Australian Year 11 Modern History. I got top Markss for this.

They limit you to 4 pages, so widen your borders and do your font little!Who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy? This inquiry can be considered every bit deep as the significance of life. Does anyone cognize who killed Kennedy? The J.F.K Assassination is a confederacy wrapped in a confederacy, wrapped in an mystery? Can the people of the universe serious accept what the U.S authorities has told them? Lee Harvey Oswald individual conveniently killed the President of the U.

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S.A? Evidence shows that it seems possible that the American Central Intelligence Agency could hold been involved in the president? s decease? All the facts suggest that this blackwash was non the work of one, Lee Harvey Oswald, but a higher power, one which had the clearance to alter motorcade paths, forge exposure? s and successfully cover-up the blackwash until this really twenty-four hours.John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on May 29, 1917. Graduating from Harvard in 1940, he entered the Navy. In 1943, when a Nipponese destroyer sank his PT boat, Kennedy, despite hurts, led the subsisters to safety.

On his return from the war, John F. Kennedy became a democratic congresswoman for the Boston country, and in 1953 he advanced to the Senate. On September 12, 1953, John F. Kennedy Married Jacqueline Bouvier. John F.

Kennedy worked difficult inside his party and in 1961 ; JFK was appointed President of the United States of America.No more than 1000 yearss into John F. Kennedy? s presidential term, he was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Apparently by Lone Gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald.It was the 22nd of November 1963, when President Kennedy was going through Dallas on a address showing circuit. The president had antecedently been warned that the people of Dallas disliked him, and that the trip would be unsafe. Despite these warning, JFK saw it as a manner to derive popularity and heighten his standing in the Southern provinces.As President Kennedy disembarked Air Force One, he was escorted into an unfastened limousine 2nd from the forepart of the Motorcade, where he was to be driven to a conference in the Trade Mart Building.

The original path of the Motorcade was to go directly down Main Street and into their intended finish. But, on the twenty-four hours of the blackwash, the Motorcade made a really crisp 90 degree bend from Main, to Houston street, where the auto was slowed down to 25 m/ph, so another crisp bend from Houston, to Elm street, whereby the auto was slowed right down to 15 m/ph. Near midway down Elm street, at about 12:31pm, 4 shootings were fired.

The first slug struck Kennedy in the pharynx, the 2nd passed through Governor John Connally? s thorax and left carpus. The 3rd slug hit Kennedy in the forepart of the caput, and the 4th was said to hold missed all marks. All these slugs were said have been shot from the Texas School Book Depository.The presidents auto rapidly sped up and hotfoot to Parkland Memorial infirmary where Dr. Paul Peters and Dr. Clark tried their hardest to salvage JFK? s life. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:04pm.

All physicians who witnessed JFK? s wounds all province that the president? s caput was partly destroyed, they say the back right side of the presidents caput was losing, and that 20 % of his encephalon was non integral.Ambulance Officer Aubrey Rike explained that there were big statements between the province and the Secret Service as to where the necropsy was to be performed. Dr. Rose, a really experient physician in necropsy? s demanded that the president? s organic structure be examined in the Parkland Hospital ; the Secret Service denied his petition. Dr. Paul Peters quotes ; ? Had Dr. Rose of performed the necropsy instantly after Kennedy? s decease, confusion over what way and angle the slug came from would be cleared up? .Subsequently that twenty-four hours, the Secret Service illicitly moved Mr.

Kennedy? s organic structure from Dallas to Washington D.C. This move included the usage of 2 choppers, for what ground, is mostly unknown.When the organic structure arrived in Washington, there was guess over the visual aspect of both, the lesions inflicted on JFK and the coffin in which he arrived. Aubrey Rike remembers JFK being placed inside one of the most expensive Bronze coffins that was available in the Parklands infirmary, and that he was wrapped in a white silk sheet. But when JFK arrived in Washington D.

C, he was unloaded in a really inexpensive transportation coffin, and inside the coffin, JFK was wrapped in a Slate Grey organic structure bag. Which means, someplace between Dallas and Washington D.C, the presidents organic structure was tampered with. Further guess arose over the descriptions of the president? s lesions from the eyewitnesses in Dallas and the? Official? necropsy exposure? s released by the authorities. The Dallas physicians clearly province big issue lesions in the back right-hand side of the president? s caput, yet the? Official? necropsy exposure? s show a really clean entry and issue lesion, and the lesion seems to be near the right temple.One hebdomad after President Kennedy? s Assassination Lyndon B.

Johnson, the new officially appointed President ordered that a committee be assembled to analyze the president? s blackwash. This committee was to be headed by Chief Justice Warren.The Warren Commission, after alleged? Investigation? announced that the Assassination had been planned and executed by a? Sole Assassin? Lee Harvey Oswald.

No more so an hr and 20 proceedingss after the President had been shot, a adult male by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested in the Texas Theatre. When Oswald was taken into Dallas Police station, he showed no mark of jitteriness or guilt. He was said to be really relaxed, non in a province that a normal individual would be in after assassinating person.Lee Harvey Oswald, a 23yr old white adult male with Russian decent, and ties with Russian Intelligence, was a perfect? chump? for a monolithic confederacy. To farther increase the sense of a confederacy, Lee Harvey Oswald was slaying at close scope by Strip Club proprietor? Jack Ruby? ? An errand smuggler for Al Capone in the 1920? s and known by the most powerful mobsters.

The Warren Commission? s terminal study was riddled with mistakes nevertheless. The original study says there were 3 shootings fired in 7.99 seconds. But, non even adept sharpshooter could allow off 3 shootings in that infinite of clip, while keeping truth and perforating the mark on all 3 shootings. Another disclosure came from a adult male standing under the ternary Underpass, merely minutes after the president had been shot, felt something biting his face, it was slug that had missed its marks, and rebounded off a kerb. This allegation contradicted the Warren Report and so one of the most controversial theories was created.

The? Magic Bullet? theory. The Warren Commission concluded that, 3 slugs were fired, 1 passed through Kennedy? s cervix, on issue, it moved downwards and leftwards, stuck John Connally in the dorsum, exited Connally? s Chest, entered his left carpus and ricocheted into his right thigh. The Second slug was now said to hold missed mark, and the 3rd caused the fatal caput lesion from the? back? of Kennedy? s caput. But, all were said to hold been shot from the South East Corner of the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository by one Lee Harvey Oswald. By puting the incrimination on a? Sole Assassin? , farther probes into a confederacy to kill the president are ruled out.Despite the opinion by the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald acted entirely, significant grounds shows that there was a 2nd gunslinger upon a hill, known as the Grassy Knoll, and could even govern out Lee Harvey Oswald from the blackwash wholly.

Gordon Arnold an ex-army officer remembers that on the twenty-four hours of the blackwash, he was walking through the auto park of the TSBD ( Texas School Book Depository ) , when he was stopped by a adult male in a suit and was told to go forth the country, Gordon, remembers stating? Yeah, you and who? s ground forces? s gon na halt me? ? After that the adult male pulled out Identification and said he was with the CIA, Gordon thought no more of the affair and started walking. He walked midway down the auto park and stopped to see if he could acquire any footage, the adult male walked up to him once more and said, ? I told you to go forth the country? . Gordon, so walked right around the auto park, and stood up near the Grassy Knoll. As Gordon was shooting, he remembers hearing a shooting base on balls by his left ear ; he instantly dropped to the land. Moments after the shootings, what looked to be a adult male dressed in constabulary officers uniform approached him, looking shaken and really disturbed, with a six-gun in his manus, and asked if Gordon was shooting, Gordon said yes, and handed him the movie from the camera.

Gordon besides says, he remembers the Policeman holding Dirty custodies, which seemed unusual.Arnold is non entirely in his studies. A Mr.

Hopmann, a deaf deaf-and-dumb person remembers seeing a adult male in a constabulary uniform up on the Grassy Knoll. Hopmann remembers seeing a whiff of fume, he thought at first it mayhave been from a coffin nail, but so realised that the adult male was transporting a rifle. The Policeman so walked really calmly towards a adult male in a rail workers unvarying, handed him the gun, straightened his suit, so walk back. The adult male in the Railroad uniform took the gun to a railway box, dismantled the gun, and placed it into a tool chest, so proceeded to walk down the way of the rail paths. When Hopmann went to the FBI to state them what he had witnessed, the FBI told him to be quiet and even offered him money to maintain silent.

Alongside both of these informants, is photograph taken merely a disconnected second before the president was fatally wounded. The exposure faces the Grassy Knoll, where after old ages of research uncovers what appear to be 3 work forces, standing up behind the lookout fencing of the Grassy Knoll. One of the work forces, the constabulary officer, in charge of firing the fatal lesion to President Kennedy? s caput, a adult male that looks to be in some kind of uniform, and the 3rd, what appears to be Gordon Arnold.All this grounds proves that the Warren Commission? s? Sole Assassin? theory could non hold been, and that there was more so merely 1 individual involved in the violent death.More and more grounds was get downing to emerge that Lee Harvey Oswald? s engagement in the blackwash may hold been no more so cognition of it, if that.Officer Baker, was on responsibility on the twenty-four hours of the blackwash, he says after he heard the shootings, he remembers seeing a flock of pigeons fly off the roof of the TSBD. He rapidly rushed into the edifice and asked the edifice manager where the lift was, he was so taken to the 2nd floor, where he remembers seeing a adult male? Lee Harvey Oswald? He turned to the manager and asked whether that adult male works in the edifice and he said yes, he does.

Officer Baker says that within 90 seconds of the gunfires he was on the second floor of the edifice, and Oswald was at that place. This claim makes it about impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to hold fired a shooting at all, as he would had to of rapidly run to the other corner of the 6th floor topographic point the gun between cartoon strips, and run down 4 flights of stepss, within 82 seconds and look composure with no inordinate external respiration or jitteriness.Furthermore, none of Lee Harvey Oswald? s finger prints could be found on the gun, until after he was dead, merely so did a smudge thenar print appear.

A worker at the funeral place where Oswald organic structure was being prepared for entombment, tells how, ? Agents? ? Not known whether they were CIA, FBI or Secret Service? Walked into the place and demand that they observe the organic structure in private. The workers agreed and after a short period of clip, the? Agents? walked out. When the workers went back into the room that Lee H. Oswald was in, they realised ink discolorations, on his thenar and a few fingers. It was their occupation to take those Markss.

Another embarrassment to all bureaus involved in the probes was the linking of Lee H. Oswald to the arm that killed JFK. The gun was ne’er registered to Oswald, and so couldn? t? Legally? be his.All this grounds suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald was merely? Patsy? from the existent culprit, The Central Intelligence Agency, and higher Government Military Sanctions. Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby so became public steerer for the blackwash. Peoples were get downing to worry more about the Oswald? Ruby, slaying, so the Oswald? Kennedy, slaying.

The CIA and Military had many grounds for Assassinating President Kennedy. The first international bombshell of Kennedy & # 8217 ; s disposal exploded in April 1961, when a force of anti-Castro Cubans, trained, armed and directed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, failed in an effort to set up a beachhead in Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. The invasion had been planned before Kennedy took office, and he allowed it to continue with of import alterations restricting the grade of American military support. The Cuban fiasco, for which Kennedy accepted & # 8220 ; exclusive duty, & # 8221 ; was a arresting reverse for the new disposal, and was the first via media in National Security.

The CIA, bitter with Kennedy? s reluctance to direct military forces in assistance of the mission, knew that the Kennedy disposal would force for peace? A profitless escapade.Having Had Kennedy in for merely over 1000 yearss, the Military could see Kennedy? s hatred for war. He had signed a pact with Britain and the Soviet Union, censoring the testing of Nuclear arms in the ambiance? the Test-Ban Treaty. President Kennedy had besides dramatically slowed down the weaponries race, started during the Cold War, and had allowed Cuba to stay under Castro regulation, without American difference.The American Military was get downing to see uproar in Vietnam, and knew that a serious war was get downing to break out. The American Military knew that there were monolithic sums of money to be made from this war.

This war didn? t straight affect America, so arms could be sold to both parties, with aid from higher countenances of the CIA. With the Kennedy Government in power, the Military and the CIA knew that America? s engagement in both the combat, and merchandising of weaponries during this up and approaching war would non be permitted.Now, with both, Higher Levels of the Central Intelligence Agency, and rogue cabals of the U.S Military against Kennedy, a secret plan to hold him assassinated begun.In April 1963, Kennedy announced that he would be doing a address showing circuits in Dallas, Texas, to heighten his standing within the Southern States? In which he was non liked, or welcome. The circuit was to take topographic point in late November were he would be driven in an unfastened Limousine, through the streets of Dallas.As the twenty-four hours approached, the President? s Security was breached.

The original path of the motorcade was to go directly up Main Street and onto the Freeway to the Trade Mart Building. But, merely yearss before the journey, the motorcade path was altered, doing the motorcade take 2 really crisp bends, leting the auto to be slowed down to 15 m/ph, an easy shooting for any adept sharpshooter. This path compromised Presidential Security as an unfastened motorcade, is ne’er to go below 45 m/ph. The Secret Service, or CIA, to let a sniper to put to death JFK, must hold changed the path of the motorcade. The other major mistake was the deficiency of Secret Service and CIA agents around the country.

During a motorcade journey the Secret Service is authorised to use as many ground forces officers as needed to guarantee the protection of the President, None were ordered. The following breach in security was the allowance of unfastened Windowss in edifice. The CIA during such events is meant to do certain that all Windowss in higher set edifices are closed, and if opened, were to be, without hold, shut.Immediately after the blackwash, the cover-up began.

? Agents? would go around finding footage, exposure? s and any other grounds that disputed with what they wanted the public to cognize, Lee Harvey Oswald Killed the President.The Warren Commission merely allowed people that they thought, would non compromise the? Agency? s? secret plan, to attest. Peoples who thought that shootings came from the Grassy Knoll were ignored, or? silenced? .

All physicians that viewed Kennedy? s lesions at Parkland Hospital were non allowed to see the? Official? necropsy exposure at the Warren Commission hearing. Peoples who claimed they saw leery characters near the railroad paths were dismissed.With Lee Harvey Oswald, a so recent Soviet Union Defect, populating in the U.

S, with links to low-level Intelligence, and seen as both a Communist and Castro Supporter, made him the perfect? Patsy? .Jack Ruby, the proprietor of a strip nine, was so threatened by the CIA to slay Oswald or decease himself. Evidence that might prolong this theory came from Don Archer, a constabulary officer that was with Jack Ruby after he had shot Oswald. He said, Jack Ruby was sudating abundantly, really rickety, and even asked him for a coffin nail.

When word had got down that Jack Ruby had? Killed? Oswald, his jitteriness ended. He so seemed calmed and claimed that? He did non smoke? when Don Archer offered him another coffin nail.Now with two perfect steerers, and a Commission incorporating some of the most corrupt authorities functionaries, including FBI manager, J. Edgar Hoover. It is unimpeachably the perfect phase for a monolithic authorities confederacy.Although many believe that the Mafia was someway involved in the Kennedy blackwash, I believe that the Military and Intelligence? Agency? s? had far more good grounds for killing the president? Money. There is no possible manner that any knave group, outside the authorities, could put to death such a good thought out program, without entree to alter motorcade paths, alter, or forge the? Official? necropsy exposures and description and utilize the Warren Commission to cover-up a confederacy by the Intelligence and Military web. This is doubtless the work of the Agency? s John Fitzgerald Kennedy relied his life on.This is based on what I think, but hey! Who cares what one think!