Essay, Research PaperQuestion: If you could hold voted in the recent presidential election, how would you hold voted and why?This old ages Presidential Election has been a existent exciting one, good merely if you & # 8217 ; re trulyinvolved with political relations, but even if you & # 8217 ; re non, still in your caput it must hold passed through one timeor twice inquiring who will win Bush or Gore.

If I had a opportunity to vote I would hold votedfor Al Gore. I am be aftering on demoing you some grounds why I would hold voted for him. 3major issues that I & # 8217 ; m traveling to touch are Education, Abortion, and Gun control. I & # 8217 ; llshow you my positions and where I agree and disagree with Al Gore.

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Al Gore and I both agree on the abortion policy. He supports pro-abortion rights andso do I. He opposes & # 8220 ; Partial-birth & # 8221 ; abortion except when the female parents life is in danger. This& # 8220 ; Partial-birth & # 8221 ; has been banned in 28 out of 50 provinces.

But out of those 28, 20 of them areconfronting the tribunals. Even if a jurisprudence is passed stating that it is legal it still might be difficult to happenperson to make it because more and more physicians aren & # 8217 ; t willing to make this. That is manner Gore isagainst a Constitutional Amendment to censor abortion.

Gore supports federal support ofabortions. I agree with this to an extent. I feel if this is on your free will to acquire it done you shouldhold to pay for it but if you were raped and you went to the athorities I feel as though theGovernment should hold to pay for this. But that is merely my idea. So I kind of agree withGore on that. If you Looked at it I agree with Gore on His abortion policies.The following issue is Education in the United States.

Gore supports National Testing. Iagree with this. If this means that proving all over the U.S. will demo what metropoliss are in demand ofmore aid in instruction I & # 8217 ; m all for it. The schooL verifiers. This Gore opposes.

From what Iknow about verifiers is that the province gives money ( which is the verifiers ) to parents of childrenwho go to public schools. This money is used to assist parents pay for their kid to travel to privateor parochial schools. In this instance it depends onwhere your kid goes to school. Gore opposes this. Where I stand on this issue is that it doesn’t truly matter to me. Peoples pick of where there child attends achool is their pick. So if you want to direct your kid to a private or parochial school that is your pick and you would experience as though the Governmant was “double dipping” by paying the fee for your kid to travel to private or parochial school and besides paying the revenue enhancement for public schools, so this issue truly depends on where your kid goes to school. I don’t have kids so I yet don’t have to confront this now.

I’m certain when I am older I wiLL have an sentiment on this. We’ll merely delay and see. Charter Schools is another major issue under Education. Charter schools are separate from the traditional public school system but receivetheir money from the school territory. One of the major differences between the public andcharter schools is that charter schools can engage and fire instructors more easily.

Community groups such as instructors, parents, or foundations run charter schools. They can take their ownapproach to learning, such as back-to-basics or arts-centered. I think this is a great thought. Gore nd Bush both support this as bash I. So on the educational graduated table I agree with Gore.One of the other major topics is Gun Control.

There are 3 major issues under gun control ( 1 ) Gun trigger Locke ( 2 ) Registration System for all manus guns ( 3 ) Restricting Purchase Rates Gore supports all of these. Bush Supports merely trigger Locke but merely under voluntary use.Bush opposes Restricting Purchase Rates and Registration System for all manus guns. Gore want & # 8217 ; to censor all & # 8220 ; debris Guns & # 8221 ; . I agree with Gore on all of his positions on Gun control. Until there re less slayings in the U.S.

something demands to be done and I see this as the lone manner. Possibly hen the crim in the U.S. gets better we can travel back and expression over some of the gun Torahs but or now we need to implement more gun Torahs.Now I have touched merely 3 of the issues that this election has been approximately. There are many more of import one & # 8217 ; s that I haven & # 8217 ; t gone over.

As you can see I agree with Al Gore. Thisdoesn & # 8217 ; t mean that I don & # 8217 ; t agree with some issues with Ralph Nadder or Bush but I side morewith Al Gore with the major issues. I feel as though these 3 topics ( instruction, gun control, and abortion ) will impact me greatly.