Why A Military Draft Isn’t Necessary  A Military draft is not necessary and the government should avoid it at all cost.

We learn from Tim Kane, Ph. D., that, “Regardless of Rangel’s arguments, justification of a “just draft” presents a philosophical dilemma. Coercing people to serve is detrimental to individual liberty—this is the problem of social justice based on group demographics rather than individuals.

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The U.S. military is one of the most colorblind, merit-based institutions in the nation. Soldiers surrender their individuality voluntarily to join a team, with a team mentality.He goes on to explain that, “Mandating service will diminish this choice.

Even if Rangel and his colleagues in power rename their project “national service,” it would still be unjust, because forced volunteerism is inauthentic. Certainly, Americans will sometimes accept restrictions on their liberty, such as the speed limit or income tax, but only to advance the common good. Empowering the central government to oversee and restrict the employment of all young Americans for two years is not consistent with common good restrictions and is instead a dangerous violation of individual liberty.”Kane tells us that, “individuals shouldn’t be forced to participate in wars against their will and it should be the right of all humans to make their own decisions with their own free-will. By reinstating the draft, there would be no volunteer basic type of service, but a situation that would create a disrespect of one’s liberties in our country. The Pentagon, the President, Congress, and the new Democratic leadership need to repudiate the idea of a draft as well as the notion of mandatory volunteerism. All young Americans deserve the peace of mind that their personal freedom is not in jeopardy.”We are educated about the thoughts of the military draft being set into motions by activists who tell us that, “Students, parents, activists, and educators rallied on the steps of the Board of Education Building in Manhattan in an unpermitted demonstration to demand “Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools! No Draft, No Way!”A delegation from the demonstration attempted to deliver a letter to Joel Klein, Chancellor of New York City Schools.

The letter stated: (Western Mass, 2006)”We demand: 1. That schools educate students about the threat of the draft.  2.

That military recruiters be kept out of our schools. 3. That JROTC programs be cancelled and replaced with real electives and                          after school programs for youth in this city. 4. That all parents be notified of their right to prohibit their child’s                                                   information from being submitted to military recruiters under the                              No Child Left Behind Act.

;This is the beginning of a campaign that will end only when our demands are met.”All students should be warned about any threat of a draft that would ultimately change their lives. Also, parents should be cautioned about any possibilities of a draft being ordered by the government.The military recruiters shouldn’t be allowed to enter the learning institutions where they could cause a young students to be a part of a war that would change their plans that they have set forth for their lives.(Lugo, 2005) Chris Lugo tells us that, “Nashville: Concerned citizens gathered at the corner of 21st and Division on Thursday, March 31st to oppose the Draft.

This was the day the Selective Service System (SSS) was due to report to President Bush that it is ready to implement the draft within 75 days. Right now, the SSS is staffing local draft boards, training volunteer registrars to work on high school and college campuses, and streamlining its induction process. They have also gained access to the Department of Education’s computer files, to ensure maximum registration. After the Nashville demonstration, commuters traveled to Clarksville to join the Clarksville Weekly Peace Vigil, which had its largest attendance to date. Clarksville is home to Fort Campbell military base, which has one of the highest casualty rates from the war in Iraq of any military base in the country.”We can see that citizens are obviously concerned about the threat of a military draft and there are many individuals who will stand up and voice their opinion about not wanting there to be another draft in our country.We also learn that, “The Bush Administration is preparing for a draft for new soldiers to continue the occupation of Iraq and to prepare for possible new wars against Iran, Syria, and elsewhere.

The United States should avoid a military draft because it greatly attacks the rights of all Americans. It should definitely be left up to each individual in making a decision about going to fight in a war. Many people do not agree with situations that are taking place in our world and since they don’t agree with how the situation is being handled, they should never be forced to take any part in it, especially for a cause they do not believe in.(War Wire, 2004) We learn from the war wire that, “President George W. Bush vowed Friday that there would be no return to compulsory military service in the United States — despite its forces being stretched in Iraq and other parts of the world.”Forget all this talk about a draft. We’re not going to have a draft so long as I’m the president,” Bush said during the second presidential election debate here with Democratic contender Senator John Kerry.

US military difficulties in Iraq and measures taken to extend the mobilization of reservists and national guard members have fuelled rumors that the draft — ended toward the end of the 1961-75 Vietnam War — could return.The Republican dominated House of Representatives on Tuesday rejected a law that would have established a two year national service.”I hear there are rumors on the internet that we’re going to have a draft. We’re not going to have a draft, period,” said Bush.We can see that there is a huge fear placed into many Americans when the subjects of war and military drafts come up.

Bush has said there would be no military draft, but many are still uneasy about the issue and have fear that they may not be hearing the entire truth about the situation, especially when they see how unstable the current situation in Iraq has progressed to.We also learn that, (Agence Press, France, 2005) “The all-volunteer army works. It works particularly when we pay our troops well. It works when we make sure they’ve got housing, like we’ve done in the last military budgets.”An all-volunteer army is best suited to fight the wars of the 21st century, which is to be specialized and to find these people who are (terrorists) as they hide around the world.”There are many people who feel that an all-voluntary army would be better for our country. If fighters would be needed, there would be an entire army, consisting of individuals who wanted to take part in the fighting.

We can see very clearly that, (Washington Politics, 2004) “The Bush administration sees no need to reinstate the military draft, but it is pushing for improved Pentagon management of the 1.4 million-strong force in order to meet wartime needs, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Thursday.”I don’t know anyone in the executive branch of the government who believes it would be appropriate or necessary to reinstate the draft,” Rumsfeld told the Newspaper Association of America’s annual convention.Some in Congress have questioned whether the long-term nature of the global war on terrorism might require a return to the system of military conscription that was abandoned in 1973.”It isn’t necessary to reintroduce the draft because there is no need for the United States to get any more involved in the affairs of other countries.

(Washington Post, 2004) We read in the Washington Post that, “The Bush administration sees no need to reinstate the military draft, but it is pushing for improved Pentagon management of the 1.4 million-strong force in order to meet wartime needs, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Thursday.(Women and Military, 1996) We should never reintroduce the draft because most people simply don’t agree with it. It should be a mutual agreement between the government and an individuals whether they should be a part of the military service.

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