Of Literature Essay, Research PaperWhy Animal Farm Is A GreatPiece Of LiteratureAnimal Farm is a great piece of literature because it is a narrative unlike any other.

It was written by George Orwell and was published in 1946. The narrative teaches us lessons of past history and lessons for the jobs we face mundane. Animal Farm was read by a immense audience and still is. George Orwell & # 8217 ; s novel does an first-class occupation of portraying the Russian Revolution of 1917. Animal Farm is a sarcasm that uses its characters to typify leaders of the Russian Revolution.The subject in the novel is that in every society there are leaders who will, if given the opportunity, likely abuse the power they have. The difficult working people of Russia are compared with the barnyard animate beings in Animal Farm, and that the labourers received low rewards for their work.

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With the leading of the hogs, the smartest animate beings, the animate beings Rebel against the worlds and derive entire control of the farm. That symbolizes the Russian Revolution. The rubric of the book makes you think that it s merely about animate beings, but alternatively it s truly about Communist Russia. Each of the animate beings represents the Russian leaders and the Russian people.Trotsky and Stalin & # 8217 ; s relationship was really much like Snowball & # 8217 ; s and Napoleons. Trotsky organized the Red Army and gave addresss and everyone in Russia thought he would win power over Stalin. After Lenin & # 8217 ; s deatH Trotsky lost all his power to Stalin and was expelled from the Communist party. ( Bignerds.

com, unsure/unclear )Boxer the Equus caballus represents how people can be used for their accomplishments. When Boxer wasn t utile to Napoleon any longer Napoleon still got rid of him even though Boxer was the hardest worker of the animate beings on the farm. A quotation mark from the book about Boxer s calamity is Too late person idea of rushing in front and closing the five-barred gate ; but in another minute the new wave was through it and quickly vanishing down the route. Boxer was ne’er seen once more. ( Page 124 )What s so great about the narrative is that it s really based on existent people and events. The narrative of Animal Farm is told in a straightforward and simple manner. Orwell s manner of authorship is brilliant.

The stoping of the narrative is practically the best portion. The animals outside looked from hog to adult male, and from adult male to pig, and from hog to adult male once more ; but already it was impossible to state which was which. ( Page 139 ) The stoping Tells of how the hogs had changed so much that they were practically worlds.Animal Farm is a great piece of literature for many grounds. First of all the book teaches us about the Russian Revolution from the animate beings point of position. Second of all the book teaches us lessons about life, non everyone can be trusted, power corrupts and cognition is power.

Third of all it s merely a great piece of composing to read ; and many people have read it.