Last updated: August 28, 2019
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Feeling of security – Knowing that your children are reachable anytime is quite reassuring for a parent, especially after events such as the Columbine shooting and the September 11th tragedy. It brings families together – Families don’t seem to have much time to spend together anymore. With overtime and after-school activities, having the ability to communicate with any one of your family member helps bringing families together. Cellphones are convenient – Everybody is more busy nowadays.Students are involved in activities after school, and practices and meeting time tend to vary a lot.

It is very convenient for a student who does not have access to public transportation to call their parents for a ride when they need one. Again, one could say that parents should trust the school’s representatives with their children’s safety and that families should try to spend more time together instead of having to talk over electromagnetic waves. Yes, you can still live on without a cell phone.

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Most students use their phone responsibly. Instead of enforcing a ban, teach them how to use their mobile phone in society. That way, when they get out of school, they will be more aware of the people around them when they make or receive phone calls.

I bet they will behave better than 75% of the adults with cell phones out there. New technologies are a part of our lives, and responsible use should be learned in school. Cell phones should be allowed if the first number in their contact list is an emergency one for the student.

That way a student in trouble or ill or hurt is only a call away from a parent or guardian. Cell phones provide communications for an emergency use by any other student or school staff member in a crisis. Cell phones provide easy communications before and after school for parent-to-student, student-to-parent and student-to-student. Some school districts even call students on their cell phones to inquire as to their whereabouts in an absence, to find a student who is out-of-place during the school day but on the campus and to let them know of changes in plan for a class or team.

This is one area that schools have not fully explored as they continue to see possession as a “problem” and not a “solution” or “aid” to the educational process. Messaging to cheat is always going to be a problem, but in my classes, cell phones stay face up on desks during tests so I can monitor communications as I walk the aisles to check on student work. Every advantage also has disadvantages, so you must work to make these devices be the servants they were meant to be.Incidentally, any student who receives communications with another student during my tests gets their phone taken away for the balance of the day. To make a comparison that might be appropriate, if we had treated the earliest automobiles as we currently treat cell phones in modern schools, we would still be riding horses and using carriages!! Cell phones, like all devices, are servants, not inherently evil unless we attempt to control them and make students want them all the more and use them inappropriately.

Some phones have a “Notes” application, where you can conveniently store all of your assignments memo’s and notes. Another aspect that is advantageous in most cell phones are calculator applications instead of schools giving out calculators or you buying one why not just use the application on your phone. you ar easily able to access an application on your cellphone that allows you to take advantage of all of the functions that any standard calculator is able to use.