Peoples Essay, Research PaperWHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE? Many people wonder why bad things happen to good people and the reply is rather simple. God wants to learn his retainers one of his many lessons. In most instances, people tend non to larn any lessons if all they get is the good. On the other manus, if they experience some of the bad, on tends to larn an of import life lesson. Most people learn from their errors and non from their lucks.

So the reply to the inquiry is that God allows bad things to go on to the good for the intent of experimenting. From one s ain experience, they can appreciate both good and bad, and at the same clip, beef up their interior ego. God experiments with his retainers because he wants to learn them a lesson that they can utilize for the remainder of their life. Just like God experimented with Job, God tests all his retainers. If one is non in a trial right now, it is because they are about to have one or they have merely finished coming out of one.

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Some things that God expects us to see as his retainers are seen clearly in God s trial. That was the intent of God seting Job through a trial. He wanted Job to recognize and elaborate on his beliefs and thoughts of the God he served. Job realized that, the Lord, that is wisdom ; and to go from immorality is understanding ( Job 28:28 ) . Furthermore, God taught Job that He is God and He will make as he pleases.

In decision, God uses his trials as instruments to learn his retainers one of his many lessons. Second, God tests his retainers in order for them to appreciate the good every bit good as the bad. Without enduring or even endeavoring to win a race, how can one appreciate the triumph? Most would take the wages for granted. However, if they tried their very best and enduredall the hurting that came along with the wages, they are more likely to appreciate it more in the terminal. In Job s instance, he was awarded many wealths both stuff and immaterial. Job had done nil to have his gifts, yet God gave them to him anyhow. When all his approvals were taken off, he still appreciates God s clemency on him.

He grounds that, the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken off ; blessed be the name of the Lord ( 1:21 ) . After the trial is finished, Job appreciates both the old battles and his future full of approvals from God.Most significantly, God tests people to beef up their religion and psyche. If one wants to do their musculuss stronger, they have to exert. When they do non exert, the musculuss tend to acquire weaker.

How can people turn stronger in religion if God does non prove them? Job had faith in God before his wealths were taken off. During his trial, he used his religion in his beliefs to transport him through the unsmooth clip he was sing. At Job s weakest point, he was tempted by his married woman and his friends to give up on God.

His religion grew even stronger when he defended himself to his friends. After the trial, all the lessons God taught him could be used for the remainder of his life. To sum it up, our strengths are made perfect in our failing. God has a alone manner of making his work. He does non merely anticipate his retainers to larn about him from reading, but besides through their ain experiences. That is the best possible manner to larn. God besides expects them to mess up along the manner.

Furthermore, he expects us to larn from our bad lucks. The lessons one learns from God s trial will let them to appreciate all of the approvals and the agonies in life. At the same clip, the weak retainer will go stronger on both the interior and out.