Last updated: April 16, 2019
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Why do criminals commit another offence after being punished? Our world is full of different kinds of criminal people. The main question what stand before the present community is: Why so often laws are broken by citizens? Every person who behave so, has his/her own purposes and causes. It is rational to hope that after punishing person will never commit the crime. That he understood all his mistakes which were made In the past. However, frequently It Is not so, Why do criminals prefer to go on firstly chosen path? Why they continue to break law? I can guess some reasons.

First one is that often criminals are poor people, who grew up in criminal terms. Life was pushing them to fight for surviving by any methods. The most criminals have committed the offence, when already being an adults. As it is known, roots of people behavior are from childhood. Thus, it is hard to change their habits even after prison. Secondly, stereotypes In human community make ex- prisoners life as unbearable. Unfortunately, usually doors for good work and life are closed. Other people try to escape company of ex-criminals. Thus, it is hard for them to start living in correct direction.

That was overlooked in the serious crime situations. What about the simple offences which often end up by fines? Why sometimes fines are not so effective as government wants? Maybe because of that modern community has too many forbiddingness and it is hard to live without little infractions for example traffic ones. In this case, we need to conclude, that different situations may happen In our life, Frequently, people deliberately make a crime, sometimes it is simply in course of inattention. This is why the society should be more patient and friendly for everyone in our community.