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Why do they qualify as Heroes?
Heroes are the very essence of any particular story.  Their lives are followed and depicted in every way possible as long as the author pleases the situation to be.  They are subject to the personality and changes, be it physical or situational, that their authors have given them.  For the purpose of this essay, I will focus on three kinds of heroes and the figures associated with each.

Tragic Hero: Oedipus

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Oedipus, the lover of his own mother in a very tragic mix-up of events, qualify as hero owing to the fact that his search for the truth didn’t set him free; instead it made his life even more complicated.  To qualify as a tragic hero, a character must be influential, but will lose track of the consequences of his decisions, like Oedipus on choosing to marry his own mother, although he had no idea about it yet.

Epic Hero: Beowulf

Characterized by the words brave, loyal, and the term “larger than life,” epic heroes usually have descended from deities.  In the case of Beowulf, his noble birth has given him the respect of those around him, even before he has proved his superhuman qualities.  Beowulf is the so-called protector; his intelligence and wit clamor his resourcefulness, especially during times of battle

Existential Hero: Grendel

Where he is the antagonist in the epic Beowulf, Grendel, in his existentialist mode of being, can be considered a hero of sorts.  Grendel can be described as someone who has refused to take on what was meant for him by making a purpose of his own, and this purpose made him realize others’ purpose.  His view of the world and its inhabitants has been influenced by the very observations that he has gathered in his everyday life.  His insights are very philosophical, and, given that he is a monster, these are very critical of his true being.