Why? Essay, Research PaperAfter seeing the movie The Virgin Suicides, I found myself inquiring the inquiry why. While speaking to other pupils about the movie once more came the inquiry, why? Why would these misss, with so much to look frontward to, perpetrate suicide? This inquiry, & # 8220 ; why & # 8221 ; is the cardinal subject of the whole movie.

Hearing many sentiments on the movie, I asked myself, what was the most distressing facet of this movie? Concentrating on the subtly upseting mode in which the movie is told and once more inquiring why. I came to the decision that the most distressing portion of this movie International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t so much the misss perpetrating self-destruction, but the fact that we don & # 8217 ; Ts know why they do it.Like the male child & # 8217 ; s across the street, we are non content with what happens, we feel cheated, like it & # 8217 ; s all a atrocious inside gag and we merely wear & # 8217 ; t acquire the clout line. The first clip the male childs go into the house, they look about as if they were in the house of a dead graven image, like the smaller pieces of the miss & # 8217 ; s lives are traveling to state them something they haven & # 8217 ; t yet considered. The manner they steal Cecilia & # 8217 ; s diary and seek to conceive of what the misss were believing. The manner they sit with the telescope pointed at the roof across the street, watching like baffled kids, which basically is what they were. These are some of the more obvious voyeuristic scenes, but there are so many more. The movie could about be a novices guide to stalking.

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All the male childs were obsessed with the Lisbon misss. They wanted to cognize what they were making, where they were, who they were, and most of all, why. The one clip Lux let one of the male childs get near plenty to reply some of these inquiries, he momently looses involvement and leaves her at the football field.

Which poses the inquiry, were the male childs fascinated with these misss because they were alone and interesting, or did they merely want what they couldn’t have, the out fruit.The bars of isolation put steadfastly into topographic point by the Lisbon female parent is what creates this aura of enigma around these misss. Her rigorous enforcement of the conservative life style merely adds fuel to the miss & # 8217 ; s new found sexual fire. Like the male childs, the misss merely want to detect the unknown. And for the Lisbon & # 8217 ; s, the unknown is the opposite sex. Unfortunately, the misss are still kids.

But the thoughts and feelings they posses are grownup. So, how does a child live like a kid, even though this kid has the same desires and emotions as an grownup? The kids of, both male childs and misss in this movie are being asked to turn up in many ways before they are ready to. The lone clip they are expected to move like they are still kids is when the subject is sex.The girls refuse to travel down that way, nevertheless, and alternatively happen a manner to stay everlastingly immature and free from their female parent & # 8217 ; s influence. What & # 8217 ; s worse, holding kids who don & # 8217 ; t ever act, or non holding kids at all?