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I am prosecuting a college instruction because I would wish to go a instructor. I plan to major in history and take instruction classs to go a secondary instructor after graduation. After learning about two or three old ages. I would wish to get down my Masterss in instruction. At this clip. I besides plan to take categories in disposal and counsel so that I can be an decision maker or counsel counsellor if the chance becomes available. My calling ends can merely be accomplished with the adjutant of a college instruction.

My first twelvemonth college disbursals for Murray State University should number about $ 9. 000. $ 7. 500 of which goes toward tuition. books. lodging and a repast program. The staying $ 1. 500 will be used to pay for personal points and auto care. My hopes are to finance my instruction through scholarships and grants. However. if this is non possible. I plan to take out a pupil loan through MSU. While in college. I intend to gain excess income by functioning as a pupil worker for MSU’s history section. As of February 24. 2004. I have received one scholarship from Phi Delta Kappa numbering $ 250. I have besides applied for several scholarships through Murray State University. but consequences are still pending.

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