Last updated: July 11, 2019
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Why Marijuana Should be Legal

For my concluding paper I am traveling to make it on why marihuana should be legal. I will supply factual information that will turn out that there are more grounds that it should be legal than illegal. Using surveies done by physicians and scientist that prove that it is used to bring around many unwellnesss and medical conditions. It can be used besides for the authorities to do more revenue enhancement dollars and it will assist work out jobs like overcrowded prisons.

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Of class the two sides are reasonably obvious, the people that oppose marihuanas which are largely pe

ople who think that it is merely a bad drug that ruins society. There is besides the side of that believes that it is good for you and can be used for medical intervention. This is a really controversial issue because there are so many people on both sides and there are so many things that would go on if marihuana did become legal. Besides it is such a large issue and involves so many people that it merely causes more contention. This is of import because there are so many people that smoke it and so many people that Don? t smoke it that there are legion sentiments that make it a large issue.