Last updated: March 15, 2019
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This paper will reflect my thoughts on why I believe a laptop is worth the cost.  It will examine its uses and why a laptop should take precedence over owning a regular computer (monitor and tower).  I will also pose a question about our needs for anything else other than a laptop.
Why Laptop Computers Are Worth Their Value

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Technology is a constant in our ever-changing society.  The most visible change in our society is cities becoming more adaptable for laptop computers.  The world’s business is becoming more free-form; cubicles are disappearing, people are working anywhere and that means laptop computers are necessary for that mobility.

We are no longer shut off from our school or our work because we are away from our computer.  Laptops save more money in the job spectrum by increasing productivity and they can even help reduce stress.  For example, a student has a paper due the next day, has it written out, but he or she is stranded in O’Hare because of a blizzard in Chicago.  The student does not fret because his or her laptop is there.  A laptop gives us convenience, and lets us make our own schedules.

Compare a laptop to a regular (tower) computer.  In terms of performance, both computers can perform the same job.  Yet, a laptop takes up less and is more mobile than a tower computer.  A top of the line tower computer is usually cheaper than a laptop, yet the laptop has more pros than a regular computer.  Laptops enable us to transcend traditional boundaries in favor of the outside world.  Laptops are becoming lighter with the aid of newer materials.

This is why a laptop is worth the cost.  What a person loses financially when buying a laptop, he or she gains back in freedom.  Humanity needs to no longer be stuck indoors with recycled oxygen because a student or employee is on a deadline.  People are now free to work and learn outdoors or indoors and that is why a laptop is worth its value.