Since 2006, I have attended Eisenhower High School in Northwest, Houston, Texas. This school is part of the Aldine ISD. During my high school years, I have witnesses many things, some good and some bad. Based on these years of experiences, I believe I have the background to state categorically what my school needs for it to become a top notch high school in the 21st century.

The educational standard of the school leaves much to be desired. It is such that many reputable colleges do not visit my school, do not directly recruit the students for their colleges, and interact with the student body.The prime reason for all its problems is that the academic environment is not conducive to encouraging students to study and aim for the power-colleges. While the physical structures are relatively new, the teachers and the materials they teach are significant drawbacks.

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The first thing to remedy much of the issues is money. Money is needed to recruit better qualified teachers, especially those teaching the sciences. The level of teaching is poor, to be straightforward about this. Boredom is a much commented word from students.

Complaints from students and parents do not bring about change.This is most regrettable. Students, because they do not enjoy coming to classes, often don’t show the teachers the respects they deserve. This is a vicious circle that is difficult to break unless someone takes the first step at change management.

Discipline among the students therefore declines and it inevitably becomes a no win situation for everyone concerned. At my school, many of the students go on to local community colleges. Their technical understanding is low. They don’t do well in standardized tests like the SAT and the ACT.

They cannot meet the requirements of the better colleges.They are left with no other options other than community colleges. This is bad for them personally and bad for the society we all live in.

Some of the teachers too often give up on the students. Not only do they not show care about the futures of the students, but they also place low expectations on the students. With that said, the students often do not rise to the occasion, and instead proceed along an easier path, but alas, one that do not provide a bright and rewarding future for them in the long run. A well-paid teacher will take more time to mold the students and encourage the students to better things.They care about their profession, instead of regarding as merely a 9-5 job. Without good dedicated teachers, our society will break down at some point in the future. And, as a nation, America will slowly lag behind the other industrialized nations of the world. While we are the technology leaders now, we may not be so in the future.

Our economic security will be put at risk if our schools are not comparable to the others in other countries. Like the students they teach, the teachers themselves have little patience. They don’t devote the time necessary to motivate students to higher goals in career or life.Another useful use of extra investment is in the equipment used by students. In short, it is out-dated even though the school is only about 20 years old. Technology had not caught up with the times. As such, using these equipments in the laboratories do not excite the students. It makes them less prone to want to study.

School safety is another important issue. The school is located in a not so nice neighborhood. Petty crime is a problem, scaring students, parents and teachers alike. Students worry about venturing outside the school unattended. This does not help students who want to come to school. Fear is deterrence.