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Why Paul Lee wants to leave Rain or Shine Trade rumors are often circulating in the media. Every day, a new article gets published about a player who is so-called being traded to another team. But when this so-called player is unarguably the team’s best player and is requesting the trade himself, it creates a strange situation that most fans couldn’t fully comprehend. The lingering question knocks on the door like an impatient visitor – WHY? Assuming that this franchise player was already offered a Max contract by his team, what could be the foremost reason behind his sudden change of heart? It Just doesn’t make sense.

When the news spread about Paul Lee’s desire to leave the Rain or Shine franchise, it depicted a picture that could be comparable to the nuclear bombs that were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki decades ago. People were running in circles, as they tried to avoid the inevitable incident. Despite Coach Yen’s seemingly calm state during interviews, you could (almost) hear the desperation in his voice about wanting Paul Lee to stay with his team. You can’t blame him, though. After all, Paul Lee’s contribution to the team has ranged from policymaking to stop-and-pop threes p to buzzer beater shots.

Which brings us back to the query – why does he want to depart from the Rain or Shine franchise? But before we Judge Paul Lee about his decision, let’s opt to give him the benefit of the doubt and try to decipher his real intentions. While he is currently busy representing the country in the FIB World Cup tournament, here is a breakdown of possible reasons on why he wants to do this trade in the first place. 4. Playing Time Under Coach Yen’s tutelage, it is safe to say Paul Lee isn’t being maximized at his highest potential.

While it may be true that he was mainly responsible for Paul Lee’s emergence in the league, it feels like we’re only scratching the surface of his talent. This is because Coach Yen’s system specializes in a rotation that utilizes almost the entire bench. It is designed to give his players ample rest so that they can avoid cramps and other forms of injuries. In retrospect, this could be seen as the best alternative since 12-14 individuals are given two minutes of playing time per game at the very least which limits the possibility of fatigue. But when it comes to handling he superbly gifted Paul Lee, this may not be the best approach.

I mean, if he can already score 20 points in under thirty minutes of action, what more would he be able to do if he’d be given 30 minutes of playing time? You do the math. 3. System If you’d remember correctly, Gave Norway was all laughs when he was asked about the drills that Rain or Shine run during their practices. In an interview, he shared that he was able to watch San Mix Coffee’s practice and subtlety hinted that it was nowhere near theirs. To add further to the peculiarities of the team, Beau Bella even said that they’re not squired to lift weights.

Put simply, if a player wants to run on a treadmill and lift dumbbells, he would have to buy his own gym membership. Since Rain or Shine is relatively a YOLK team (in a good way), maybe Paul Lee wants to belong to a more organized team when it comes to executing scrimmages. Perhaps, Lee wants to By testamentary experience a different set of plays that will suit his style perfectly. As a player of the ABA, it is highly recommended for each player to continually adapt to the ever- changing system in order to have a long and fruitful career.

And maybe for him, the best alternative to learn more about the game is to change Jerseys. 2. Bonuses “May packaging baa maximum main as maximum nag bang teams? ,” asked a visibly frustrated Yen GUI. The answer to this question is NO. Under the ABA rules and regulations, a team can only offer a pre-set amount to its players. However, it is up to the management on how and when it would like to give incentives to its players. Some squads may offer bonuses for each quarterfinals appearance, while others only recompense its players whenever the team makes it to the semis. Who knows?

There might be a team desperate and crazy enough to give six-digit bonuses per win in the elimination round. We can’t hate Paul Lee if he wants to earn more money because he highly deserves to be rewarded for his stellar performances. As one of the best players in the league right now, he is in a proper disposition of doing so. 1. Championships Before you react violently, let me make myself perfectly clear. I’m not saying that Rain or Shine won’t win a championship in the next five years, what I’m stating is that maybe Paul Lee feels he has a higher chance of bagging a title in another team.

Just imagine these circumstances. Picture him running with Jimmy Alpaca and Jason Castro as they form the Pa’s triple threat backcountry combination. All of them could pull up threes and drive strong towards the hole. Or, envision him playing alongside Greg Slaughter and Jape Jugular. Paul Lee fakes and issues an inside pass to one of the twin towers. Easy two points right there. Twice in the 2014 season Rain or Shine has failed to win the championship. With its aging core acting as a handicap, Paul Lee might have intuitively sensed that their chances of winning have been decreasing.

And maybe, Just maybe if you put Paul Lee in another team, he’d finally get that trophy sooner than later. You see, his decision could be gauged upon several reasons that may or may not be money-related. This event may be difficult to accept especially for Rain or Seine’s fans, but this isn’t the first time that this has happened (refer to Lebanon Sesame’s basketball Journey). No matter how painful it may appear to be, it’s all part of the game. #QUOTED: If you would be able to choose where Paul Lee should go, which team would you pick and why? Comment your answers below.