While some reality shows can be offensive, I am somewhat entertained by other reality shows. Reality TV usually consists of people making complete fools of themselves or just trying to get their “15 minutes of fame. ” Although, some people, like Jon Gosselin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have become quite famous this way. There are some that center on celebrities and others that follow everyday people.

I think the reality shows that star actual celebrities, like Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars, are offensive because the celebrities on these shows already have money and they go on the shows and get paid for their time.Celebrity Fit Club, in my opinion, is the most offensive, because many of the stars, throughout the multiple seasons of the show, do not need to lose the wait they claim to need to lose. I feel that the people that watch CFC, and look up to these stars, will feel like they are overweight too and thus, unhealthy eating habit develop (i.

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e. bulimia and anorexia). Also, a lot of the celebrities I have seen on there, refuses to do some, or all, of the exercises and competions. They should lead an example and show initiative and self-motivation.

Kate Plus 8, formerly called Jon and Kate Plus 8, was one of the worse shows they could ever make. It seems like TLC, the station that produces the show, is only interested in exploiting the Gosselin children and treating them as commodities. They claim already to have seen signs of adverse effects and resentment among the children at the constant cameras zooming in on their every move. Every birthday party or outing for the children is organized by a production company with their eyes on the highest ratings. Kate, it seems, is only interested in her newfound fame, and not so much as in her children.Then their divorce caught a lot of media attention and the children were affected by it the most. I had happened to watch the first episode of Bridalplasty. The show follows several engaged women who are competing for the wedding of their dreams and their dream plastic surgery procedure.

Each woman must complete a plastic surgery wish list and complete wedding-themed challenges in order to win the surgery of her choice. The winner of the week’s challenge gets one plastic surgery procedure from her wish list. The winner of the competition will get a wedding of her dreams and multiple plastic surgeries from her wish list.

It’s a vicious cycle which combines shaming women about their bodies only to shame them again as public spectacle when they try to attain a perfect body for a perfect wedding. While the audience is most certainly mocking these women, the show is also reinforcing the idea that women should surgically alter their bodies. As the surgeon told one woman on the show, “You have perfect breasts … for doing a breast augmentation. ” There were several of the women that had liposuction of their list, and they were already skinny.

On the other hand, there are many reality shows that are entertaining and somethings helpful.One of my favorite shows is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. They help people, that are really in need, repair and/or remodel their homes, including making it more accessible for certain family members. One episode I watched, the builders put a special filtration system in for a woman that had been living away from home due to a disease in her lungs. They also helped rebuild many homes, and even a church, that were destroyed from Hurricane Katrina. This show is very emotional and I come close to tears every time I watch it. I also like True Life on MTV.

It shows people that are dealing with specific issues, where others, with the same issues, can see they are not alone. They have covered topics like addiction, adoption, relationships, and diseases/illnesses. My favorite reality show is Cake Boss. It doesn’t help people like the others do but it is very entertaining for me. Cake Boss centers on a close Italian family at a bakery that was first started by now-owner, Buddy Valastro’s father.

They have made so many unique cakes based on what the customer wants. He even made a cake for his wife that was a bust of her head.They also made a cake modeled after a toilet for a plumber that was retiring. They even allowed some children from Make-a-Wish foundation to come in and make some cakes of their own and then the bakers surprised the kids with a large cake for a foundation party. Reality shows can be both entertaining and offensive, depending on the plots and themes of the shows. I like many of them, while others I think they could do without. For some reason, the more offensive shows get high ratings so they keep coming back for more seasons.