Many young people have jobs while they still attending school. Some people think it has negative effects; however, the majority believes that working benefits students and they should have jobs. Working helps student in their career development, gives them financial independence and develops important personal characteristics. Working and studying at the same time helps students in their future careers. Having a job while still studying gives young people opportunities to get some experience.

This is an important factor when after school students are looking for jobs. There is a bigger chance to be hired if student have work experience than if resume is empty. While student work they develop workplace skills, learn how to work as a team. In addition, studies showed that students who have jobs tend to drop out of school less. David Stern and Derek Briggs believe that “students who work moderate hours perform better in school”. Experiencing practical life makes students to take their studies more serious.

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Another reason why students should work is economical freedom. Students who don’t work depend on their parents in everything. On the other hand, employed students earn their own money. They don’t have to ask their parents for pocket money. They become to realize the real value of money and how hard it is to get it. Many students contribute part of their pay checks to their family’s budgets. Moreover, some students save their money in order to continue education and be able to pay tuitions. Finally, working helps students to develop important in life qualities.

Because students work, they become more punctual and disciplined. They realize that if they are late, they are getting paid less. Also, because they can pay for themselves and don’t have to bag anyone for a couple of bucks, they feel more confident. Students who work are usually more responsible. Furthermore, they respect other people’s work and are respected by their friends and families. All in all, working while studying helps students to gain work experience, to get valuable skills and personal qualities, and to get financial freedom.