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Why The Jews Essay, Research PaperWhy the Jews?Peoples often ask why the Jews were the mark of the Holocaust or why the Holocaust happened. The first is an easy inquiry to reply. Jews were the marks of the Holocaust because Hitler hated Jews and blamed them for all of the jobs in the universe. He particularly blamed them for Germany & # 8217 ; s loss of World War I. Hitler told the German people that they could hold won the first war, if Germany had non been & # 8220 ; stabbed in the dorsum & # 8221 ; by the Jews and their plotters.

Hitler & # 8217 ; s hatred of Jews is known as & # 8220 ; antisemitism. & # 8221 ; It has a long history in Europe and the United States. There were many antisemites in Europe, merely as there were many racialists in the United States who opposed civil rights for Afro-Americans. Hitler & # 8217 ; s hatred of Jews was so profound that several of his biographers have called it an compulsion. Albert Speer, who was a close confidante to Hitler, wrote in 1977:The hate of the Jews was Hitler & # 8217 ; s driving force and cardinal point, possibly even the lone component that moved him. The German people, German illustriousness, the Reich, all that meant nil to him in the concluding analysis. Therefore, the shutting sentence of his Testament sought to perpetrate us Germans to a merciless hatred of the Jews after the revelatory ruin.I was present in the Reichstag session of January 30, 1939 when Hitler guaranteed that, in the event of another war, the Jews, non the Germans, would be exterminated.

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This sentence was said with such certainty that I would ne’er hold doubted his purpose of transporting through with it.

R / & gt ;The 2nd inquiry is harder to reply. While Hitler & # 8217 ; s hatred was the motivative factor of the Holocaust, we are non certain why it was allowed to come on to the extinction of the Jews and the others that Hitler hated. Hitler was helped in his planning of the Holocaust by the fact that anti-Semitism was acceptable in Germany and few spoke out against it, but that is non a complete reply. We must look alternatively to the fact that the Nazi doctrine permeated all facets of life in Nazi Germany until there was no 1 left to protest the Holocaust.

At the Nuremberg Trial, where the lasting leaders of the Nazi party were tried for their offenses, two of informants were asked whether the Holocaust was an inevitable consequence of Nazi doctrine. Otto Ohlendorf, an SS officer who commanded a group which murdered Jews, thought that the Holocaust was non a necessary consequence of Nazi doctrine. A few yearss subsequently Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, a three-star general in the SS who had fought in the invasion of the Soviet Union, disagreed. He stated: & # 8220 ; If for old ages, for decennaries, a philosophy is preached to the consequence that the Slav race is an inferior race, that the Jews are non even human existences, so an detonation of this kind is inevitable. & # 8221 ;At The Holocaust History Project, we believe that both the horrors of the Holocaust and the ground it was directed at the Jews were the direct consequence of Hitler & # 8217 ; s anti-Semitism. We believe that the Holocaust stands as a warning of what can go on when leaders of a state are motivated by hatred, and use that hate to provide simplistic replies to the jobs of their state.