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• Columbus Day recognizes the accomplishments of a great Renaissance adventurer who founded the first lasting European colony in the New World. The reaching of Columbus in 1492 Markss the beginning of recorded history in America.

• Columbus Day celebrates the beginning of cultural exchange between America and Europe. After Columbus, came 1000000s of European immigrants who brought their art, music, scientific discipline, medical specialty, doctrine and spiritual rules to America. These parts have helped determine the United States and include Greek democracy, Roman jurisprudence, Judeo-christian moralss and the dogma that all work forces are created equal.

• Columbus Day is one of America s oldest vacations. The tradition of detecting Columbus Day dates back to the eighteenth century. It was foremost celebrated on October 12, 1792, when the New York Society of Tammany honored Columbus on the three-hundredth day of remembrance of his first ocean trip.

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• Columbus Day is a loyal vacation. In fact, the Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 in award of the four-hundredth day of remembrance of his first ocean trip. That twelvemonth, President Benjamin Harrison declared Columbus Day a legal vacation.

• The United States has long admired Columbus. America has more memorials to Columbus than any state in the universe, harmonizing to the Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia. These include a Columbus statue in Providence, R.I. , dramatis personae by Frederic Auguste Bertholdi, who created the Statue of Liberty, and one in New York City, created by one of the six Italian American brothers who carved the Lincoln Memorial.

• The United States has a important aggregation of Columbus memorabilia, including his desk, documents, and the cross he used to claim the New World for Spain. These are in the Columbus Chapel in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania.

• In 1971 Columbus Day became a federal vacation in all 50 provinces after Congress passed a jurisprudence declaring the 2nd Monday in October Columbus Day.