With the Blessing of Almighty God, Reverent Pandurangshashtriji
Athavle (Dadaji), Reverent Dhanshree Talwalkar (Didiji), my Mother Shrimati Prabhaben
Kishorbhai Sutaria, my Father Shri Kishorbhai Jivanbhai Sutaria, my wife Kruti
Sutaria and my son Dhyanam and Devam, I am writing this Thesis.

Firstly from the bottom of my heart, I would like to
express my sincere thanks to my External guide and my role model Dr  C. K. Bhensdadia, Professor and Head, Computer
Engineering Department, D. D. University, Nadiad, Gujarat and my Supervisor Dr
Kalpesh H. Wandra, Professor C.U. Shah University, Wadhvan for his enthusiasm,  patience and huge knowledge. Their direction
helped me all the time to enhancement my work towards exploring and writing
this thesis. Even I could not have imagined having a better Supervisors and
Gurus for my PhD work.

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Besides my guide, I would like to acknowledge the
rest of my research committee: Dr Samir Patel, Dr H. B. Bhadka, for their intuitive
comments and boost, and also for the tough questions which incented me to extend
my research from various angles.

Here I extend my thanks to Research Development and
Innovative Center for organizing an International conference to give me a
platform to show my Research work.  

I would also like to thank my parent institute
V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot for its endless support. The management of
V.V.P. namely, Late Chairman Hon. Pravinbhai Maniar (Privinkaka), Managing
Trustee Hon. Lalitbhai Mehta, Trustee Hon. Kaushikbhai Shulka, Late Trustee
Hon. Sanjaybhai Maniar, Trustee Hon. Harshalbhai Maniar, Trustee Hon. Sanjivbhai
Oza, Ex-Principal Dr Sachin Parikh, Principal Dr Jayesh Deshkar, Head of the
Department Dr Tejas Patalia, my PhD colleagues – Prof Kruti Sutaria (my Wife) and
Prof. J. H. Joshi has shown tremendous confidence in me during the entire work.
All the staff members of a computer engineering department, from teaching to
semi-teaching to non-teaching and peon have helped me at several phases of the
research work, especially to Prof. Dipesh Joshi and Prof. Rushabh Doshi.

At last, I cannot forget to express thanks to my
family members. I especially thank my wife Kruti Sutaria for helping me writing
this thesis and to make it meaningful as it is today. My son Dhyanam and Devam,
Sister Shraddha Patel, my father in law Dr Narendra Khalpada, my mother in law
Mrs. Punita Khalpada for supporting me spiritually throughout writing this
thesis and my life in general.

If I have overlooked some names, I must thank all
those, whose direct or indirect care and love for me for carrying this research