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Women in 1901 were different to women today in the aspect of their clothing, their legal rights and homelife. In my repost i will comapre the two ages. Clothing The clothing women wear today would come to as a shock to people in 1901. Women today wear so little clothing, whereas women 110 years ago wore many lays that covered everything. In the early 1900s, Australian women wore many layers. First was the corset, which gave the desireable ‘hourglass’ figure. Second, a long petticoat was put on, to give the impression of a full rear. Then the long dress was put over the top.

The dress would have a hoop in the bottom to make it sit out and would be very intricate in detailing, with lace and beautifully textured fabrics. No cleavage was shown, as it was considered vulgar. Women during summer, today, wear short skirts and pants, they wear shirts that show some of their cleavage, or they wear swimwear. during winter women wear long pants and long sleaved shirts, in Australia it is still very warm in winter some times so many lays of clothing are not needed. Homelife Women’s roles in 1901 were different and yet similair to women’s roles now.

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They were expected to marry at a young age and have a large family. A family with nine children were not classified as weird. Women in 1901 cooked for a large family, cleaned everyday, cared for the children, whoses ages varied from very young to early teens. In summer on a day where the clothes and bedding were being wash it could reach high 30’s and low 40’s in temperture. They could be in a small room with very little sources of freash air and have a wood fire going while they worked and worked. The husband didn’t do women’s work, a man went out to work many hours for little pay Where as women these days