Women Empowerment-Hands that rock the cradle will rule the world someday! Women being half of the population need to put their equal share in social and economic development. This can only be possible through women empowerment initiatives and giving them equal rights in the society. We all know that gender equality should be considered as a vital concern in the process of development in any society. Women empowerment can play a significant role in the development of sectors such as health and education.

These are the key sectors where we require sustainable development and it can only be possible when both men and women put hands together against poverty and economic crisis. In third-world countries women are not given their enough rights and we cannot ignore this bitter truth that in under-developed poor societies women make around 70 percent of the total population and they are given no or minimum rights.Media is a strong tool to create awareness regarding women and influence of government policies. Through media women can highlight their issues and can reach out to a large number of people. Women action committees and interest groups can also play a significant role. There is a need to fill the gaps and these gaps should be identified through research projects and well developed plans followed by proper implementation with full participation of women.Such initiatives should be evaluated professionally to see the success and failures. Studies around the world show that if women are given access to education, employment and health then they can have more strong hold and power over decision making process, improved child well-being, increased resources and will be able to yield comparatively high income than males in the society, this would result in overall betterment of the society as well as establishing a strong foundation for their families.

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Around the world in many countries women are treated as a livestock, they are traded the same way like cattle and stand as a symbol of productive asset rather a capable human who can transform the whole society in a positive way. We cannot undermine the bitter reality that women around the world are treated as minorities with rights denied, opportunities curtailed and voices silenced. Pushed into the darkness of misery, at least one in three females on earth has been either physically abused or sexually assaulted by their relatives or other male counterparts, if they are employed under them.This simply proves their harsh reality of not being safe in home or in society and surely nothing stands as a heaven on this earth for them. It is the need of the hour to empower women for better promising future through education, creating work opportunities, giving the best in health care and last but not the least, its imperative to treat them as living human beings rather as a commodity.